A Message From the President

Thank you for your interest in the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and its programs.

EBRI is a unique organization. It is dedicated to undertaking research in order to provide objective, unbiased information on employee benefits, so that decisions may be based on verifiable facts. EBRI lets the facts tell the story. EBRI functions in an objective and unbiased manner and not as an advocate or opponent of any position. That is our "ideology."

How is this unique? I will use Social Security reform as an example.

EBRI and its Education and Research Fund have worked on this topic since 1982. Lacking in all previously available work, however, was any dynamic modeling capability to evaluate reform proposals. Others had built large spreadsheets and some static actuarial models, but most of them knew what they wanted the model to find before they started. EBRI undertook development of the EBRI- SSASIM2 model to provide a dynamic analytical tool. Advocates of preserving the current Social Security system joined advocates of ending the current system in funding this research effort and in developing the EBRI computer model.

Another example is data on defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. EBRI has published data on the U.S. retirement system since 1979, and has now developed extensive, one-of-a-kind data bases which allow reliable estimates of what is happening in the entire system—including how individual participants and professional pension managers invest.

Another example is data on health care coverage and the uninsured. EBRI has been the most relied upon source for the annual publication of summary census data, turned into consumable form.

The list of similar examples is long, and full information can be found elsewhere in this site.

EBRI is funded by member dues, grants, publication sales, and investment earnings on reserves. Any organization can become a member of EBRI. Our current membership includes unions, businesses, government agencies, universities, associations, think tanks, actuarial firms, and more. The common understanding: EBRI will approach all of its work in an objective manner. The facts will always tell the story, and EBRI will always publish the results of any work it undertakes. EBRI will not, to repeat from above, function as an advocate or opponent of any position.

EBRI's work extends to all areas of economic security. We have established the American Savings Education Council (www.asec.org) to take data and education to the public, and have developed the Choose to Save® education program (www.choosetosave.org) and its "tools" to help all Americans understand the need to plan in order to have a future – particularly a retirement – that is economically secure.

We always welcome new members, and invite you to consider membership or a subscription to our publications. We also urge you to use our data and analysis in your own work.

Your comments and feedback on our work, and on this Web site, are encouraged.

Thank you for visiting.


Dallas L. Salisbury
President & CEO
Chairman & CEO