Honoraria for Presentations

By EBRI Researchers

EBRI is a non-profit, non-partisan organization supported financially by member’s dues, presentation
honoraria, publication sales and grants. EBRI members support EBRI to assure availability of economic security and employee benefit information and education to the media, policy makers, the public and themselves.

Dallas Salisbury, CEO of EBRI, and other members of the team, are consistently rated excellent and "best of program" in meeting evaluations. Recent comments on Salisbury include:

  • ‘Outstanding - very provocative, mind-expanding presentation.’
  • ‘Astute and effective at communicating trends and opportunities.’
  • ‘Very sage advice and commentary.’
  • ‘He took me "out of the box" - when can he come back? Superb!’
  • ‘Never have so many myths been exploded so quickly - invaluable.’

The level of honoraria donation is related to the preparation, travel, and membership status of the sponsor of the meeting.

In all cases, reimbursement of full coach airfare for flights of less than 3 hours, first class airfare for flights of more than 3 hours, hotel, ground transportation, meals, long distance charges while on travel, and incidental expenses are required.

Member Organizations

For ongoing EBRI members, presentation donations vary due to level of membership, preparation time, presentation time, travel time out of the office, and the presenter.

Sustaining Member (Honoraria - Same Day, $7,500; Requires Overnight, $10,000)
Full Member (Honoraria - Same Day, $10,000; Requires Overnight, $12,500)
Associate Member (Honoraria - Same Day, $12,500; Requires Overnight, $15,000)
Contributing Member (Honoraria - Same Day, $15,000; Requires Overnight, $17,500)

Non-member Organizations

A non-member organization donation to EBRI of $40,000 (Same Day) or $50,000 (Requires Overnight), is required.

Other Information/Insight Opportunities

EBRI can also provide a slide set with written commentary on many topics for your direct use. Pricing
varies depending on what you desire. If that is of interest, e-mail info@ebri.org