EBRI Fellows

EBRI Fellows represent a distinguished group of individuals who have demonstrated strong knowledge and expertise in health, retirement, and other economic security issues. EBRI Fellows come from academia, the government, the media, and the private sector. The Fellows Program is intended to build a closer alliance between academics interested in employee benefits and economic security policy and the researchers at EBRI, its sponsors, and its wider constituency in the government, the media, and private sector.

The Fellows perform some or all of the following tasks: conduct and report on original research related to public policy; write EBRI Issue Briefs and other background materials on specific policy questions; conduct educational briefings to congressional and federal agency staff in areas of expertise; and act as a resource for EBRI staff. EBRI Fellows are also invited to work in residence at EBRI and have the opportunity to participate in EBRI policy forums and meetings with EBRI sponsors. Financial support is available for specific research projects.

The Fellows also assist EBRI in identifying researchers as potential Fellows, identifying projects appropriate for EBRI to financially support, and providing input and commentary on certain ongoing EBRI research projects. They are invited to submit research papers and studies in progress to be published in EBRI’s Working Paper Series. EBRI has established a continuing dialogue with the Fellows through written and electronic correspondence and provides Fellows with access to all EBRI publications and to the EBRI library.

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