Eligibility and Selection Criteria

EBRI Fellows must have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the employee benefits field based on an accomplished career in academia, government, the media, or the private sector. Applicants must be able to apply quantitative or practical skills to relevant public policy questions. Individuals are designated as EBRI Fellows by the EBRI Fellows Program Committee.

Individuals are invited to participate in the Program by the EBRI Fellows Program Committee or individuals may apply by submitting a letter describing your research interests and qualifications.

Individual Projects submitted for publication or funding will be assessed using the following criteria:

    • the policy significance of the study;
    • contribution to the body of knowledge on employee benefits;
    • the timeliness of the project for informing policy or practice;
    • the quality and availability of data to be used, and the strength of the proposed methodology (if applicable);
    • the applicant's experience and qualifications.

Other Information: