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FAQs About Benefits—Health Spending and Insurance Issues

Which workers are most likely to have employment-based coverage?


In 2009, public-sector workers, those working for the federal, state, or local governments, are more likely to have employment-based health insurance coverage (85.7 percent), compared to private-sector workers (67.5 percent).

Firm Size

Among private-sector workers, the larger the firm size the more likely a worker is to have employment-based coverage.

Full-time v Part-time

Among workers who work full-time full-year, 73.1 percent had employment-based coverage while workers who work part-time full-year, 48.6 percent.


Occupations which require higher skills and responsibility, managerial and professional services, were more likely to have employment-based health insurance coverage (82.4 percent) compared with lower skilled occupations such as service workers (50.0 percent).

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