Projecting IRA Balances and Withdrawals

Union Status and Health Care Coverage of Workers

May 1999, Vol. 20, No. 5
Paperback, 12 pp.
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Employee Benefit Research Institute, 1999

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Executive Summary

Projecting IRA Balances and Withdrawals—The Taxpayer
Relief Act of 1997 changed policy toward individual retirement
accounts (IRAs) in ways that will affect an environment that is
already changing significantly: Balances in IRA accounts in the
United States grew from near zero in 1980 to almost $2 trillion
by the end of 1997. IRAs now account for nearly one-fourth of all
dedicated retirement (pension and IRA) assets. In recent years,
IRA growth has been almost entirely due to the stock market and
401(k) rollovers—not contributions.

Union Status and Health Care Coverage of Workers—Previous
research on union status and health care coverage has associated
a worker's union membership with an increased likelihood of
having health care coverage. This analysis uses the Survey of
Income and Program Participation (SIPP) to examine whether union
workers continue to have an increased likelihood of having
health care coverage and to establish the most recent level of
health care coverage among union workers. Data from the common
month (March 1996) for all survey participants included in Wave 1
of SIPP's most recent Panel (1996) are the focus of this study.