The Business Case for Employment-Based Health Benefits Project

EBRI Periodicals:

August 2016, EBRI Notes
"Innovations in Employee Engagement in Health"

January 2016, EBRI Notes
"Impact of Workplace Wellness-Program Participation on Medication Adherence"

November 2015, EBRI Notes
"Evidence on Defined Contribution Health and Retirement Benefits: The Road Ahead"

August 2015, EBRI Issue Brief #417
"Financial Incentives, Workplace Wellness Program Participation, and Utilization of Health Care Services and Spending"

March 2015, EBRI Issue Brief #412
"Financial Incentives and Workplace Wellness-Program Participation"

March 2013, EBRI Notes
"'Post' Script: What's Next for Employment-Based Health Benefits?"

August 2012, EBRI Issue Brief #374
"'After' Math: The Impact and Influence of Incentives on Benefit Policy"

July 2012, EBRI Issue Brief #373
"Private Health Insurance Exchanges and Defined Contribution Health Plans: Is It Deja Vu All Over Again?"

July 2011, EBRI Issue Brief #360
"Employment-Based Health Benefits and Taxation: Implications of Efforts to Reduce the Deficit and National Debt"

April 2011, EBRI Notes
"Innovations in Employment-Based Health Benefits"

February 2010, EBRI Issue Brief #339
"Employers, Workers, and the Future of Employment-Based Health Benefits"

June 2009, EBRI Issue Brief #330
"Addressing Health Care Market Reform Through an Insurance Exchange: Essential Policy Components, the Public Plan Option, and Other Issues to Consider"

January 2009, EBRI Issue Brief #325
"Capping the Tax Exclusion for Employment-Based Health Coverage: Implications for Employers and Workers"

August 2008, EBRI Issue Brief #320
"Lessons From the Evolution of 401(k) Retirement Plans for Increased Consumerism in Health Care: An Application of Behavioral Research"

February 2008, EBRI Notes
"The Future of Employment-Based Health Benefits: Have Employers Reached a Tipping Point?

February 2008, EBRI Issue Brief #314
"ERISA Pre-emption: Implications for Health Reform and Coverage"

September 2007, EBRI Issue Brief #309
"Health Insurance and Taxes: Can Changing the Tax Treatment of Health Insurance Fix Our Health Care System?"

June 2005, EBRI Issue Brief #282
"The Muskegon Access Health Three-Share Plan: A Case History" 

March 2004, EBRI Issue Brief #267
"The Business Case For Investing in Employee Health: A Review of the Literature and Employer Self-Assessments" 

January 2003, EBRI Issue Brief #253
"Small Employers and Health Benefits: Findings from the 2002 Small Employer Health Benefits Survey"

October 2002, EBRI Issue Brief #250
"Employer Attitudes and Practices Affecting Health Benefits and the Uninsured"

October 2000, EBRI Issue Brief #226
"Small Employers and Health Benefits: Findings From the 2000 Small Employer Health Benefits Survey"

Other Publications:

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