Health Costs

March 2016, EBRI Notes
"The Excise Tax on High-Cost Health Plans"

April 2014, EBRI Issue Brief #398
"Reference Pricing for Health Care Services: A New Twist on the Defined Contribution Concept in Employment-Based Health Benefits"

January 2014, EBRI Notes
"The Cost of Spousal Health Coverage"

July 2013, EBRI Issue Brief #388
"Health Care Spending after Adopting a Full-Replacement, High-Deductible Health Plan With a Health Savings Account: A Five-Year Study"

December 2004, EBRI Notes
"Tracking Health Care Costs: Spending Growth Slowdown Stalls in First Half of 2004" 

March 2004, EBRI Notes
"National Health Spending Rose 9.3 Percent in 2002; Sixth Consecutive Year of Faster Growth" 

June 2003, EBRI Notes
"National Health Spending Up 8.7 Percent Between 2000-2001; Spending for Health Care Will Continue to Grow" 

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