Center for Research on IRAs

The focal point of the Center for Research on IRAs is the EBRI IRA Database,™ which through a highly secure process allows for the linking of IRA owners within and across data providers in the dataset. This allows for a more complete analysis of individuals’ total IRA account balances plus their overall asset allocation. Furthermore, as the database matures movements of balances into and out of the accounts can be studied.

Given the information available within the EBRI IRA Database,™ many important elements of IRAs owners’ behavior can be determined with respect to contributions, asset allocation, withdrawals, and rollovers. In addition, various summary statistics can be produced from the database to inform the public how IRAs are being used and the amount of dollars being held in them as well as characteristics of the owners. Moreover, results from government datasets (Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) and Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP)) will also be provided to better access the overall results available on the topic of IRAs.

A list of recent papers related to the Center for Research on IRAs can be found below.

EBRI Issue Briefs

EBRI Notes

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