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The following bibliography includes publications that contain basic and market trend information relevant to employment-based benefits in the United States. It is intended as a reference for employers and plan sponsors. For the most part, the bibliography covers employer-designed benefits not mandated by law. Most publications appearing in this bibliography do not predate 1996. Links are provided where available. Some of these resources are available only online. Many other online reference sources can be reached through the following set of links:

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Annual Reports

Annual Report (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Annual)

Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund Annual Report (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Annual)


Benefits and Compensation Glossary (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Irregular)

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Health Care (AcademyHealth, Irregular)


AHA Guide: A Guide to United States Hospitals, Health Care Systems, Networks, Alliances, Health Organizations, Agencies, and Providers (American Hospital Association, Annual)

Money Market Directory of Pension Funds and their Investment Managers (Standard & Poor's Money Market Directories, Inc., MMD WebAccess)

URAC Directory of Accredited Companies (URAC, Online only)


Handbooks – Employee Benefits (General)

Employee Benefits. Burton T. Beam Jr. and John J. McFadden, with Karen Stefano (Dearborn Publishing, Irregular)

Employee Benefits Answer Book. Dorinda D. DeScherer (Aspen Publishers, Annual supplements)

Employee Fringe and Welfare Benefit Plans. Michael J. Canan and William Mitchell (Thomson West, Annual)

ERISA:  A Comprehensive Guide. Paul J. Schneider and Brian M. Pinheiro (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

Flexible Benefits Answer Book. Bernadine Topazio (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

The Handbook of Employee Benefits: Health and Group Benefits. Jerry S. Rosenbloom (McGraw-Hill, Irregular)

Multistate Guide to Benefits Law. John F. Buckley (Aspen Publishers, Annual)

U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide (Aspen Publishers, Annual)

Handbooks – Health Care

COBRA Handbook. Ira M. Golub and Roberta K. Chevlowe (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

Health Insurance Answer Book. John C. Garner (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

Handbooks – Pension Plans

401(k) Answer Book. Empower Retirement (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

403(b) Answer Book. Barbara N. Seymon-Hirsch and Janet M. Anderson-Briggs (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

457 Answer Book. Gary S. Lesser, David W. Powell, and Peter J. Gulia (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

Fundamentals of Private Pensions. Dan McGill et al. (Oxford University Press, Irregular)

Governmental Plans Answer Book. Carol V. Calhoun, Cynthia L. Moore, and Keith Brainard (Aspen Publishers, Supplemented annually)

The Pension Answer Book. Stephen J. Krass (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

Pension Distribution Answer Book. Carol R. Sears, Scott D. Miller, and Melanie N. Aska (Aspen Publishers, Updated annually)

Pension Planning: Pension, Profit-Sharing, and Other Deferred Compensation Plans. Everett T. Allen et al. (Irwin/McGraw-Hill, Irregular)

Qualified Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans. Pamela Perdue (Thomson Reuters, Irregular)

Qualified Retirement Plans. Michael J. Canan and Charles Shulman (Thomson West, Annual)

U.S. Master Pension Guide. (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, Annual)

Looseleaf Services

The 401(k) Handbook. Arris R. Murphy and Paul M. Hamburger (Thompson Information Services, Monthly)

Employer's Guide to Complying with IRS Employee Benefits Rules. Todd A. Solomon and David R. Fuller (Thompson Information Services, Monthly)

Employer's Guide to Fringe Benefit Rules. David R. Fuller and Vicki M. Nielsen (Thompson Information Services, Monthly)

Employer's Guide to HIPAA Privacy Requirements. Kathryn Bakich and Joanne Hustead (Thompson Information Services, Monthly)

Employer's Guide to Self-Insuring Health Benefits. Adam V. Russo (Thompson Information Services, Monthly)

Employer's Guide to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Mark L. Stember and Terry Humo (Thompson Information Services, Quarterly)

Flex Plan Handbook. Rich Glass (Thompson Information Services, Quarterly)

Guide to Assigning & Loaning Benefit Plan Money. Steven D. Weinstein, Todd B. Castleton, and Paul M. Hamburger (Thompson Information Services, Quarterly)

Mandated Health Benefits--The COBRA Guide. Paul M. Hamburger (Thompson Information Services, Monthly)

Pension & Profit Sharing 2d (Thomson Reuters, Weekly updates)

Spencer's Research Reports on Employee Benefits (CCH Incorporated, Weekly updates)


Benefits Magazine (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Monthly)

Benefits Quarterly (International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists, Quarterly)

Business Insurance (Crain Communications, Inc., Biweekly)

Contingencies (American Academy of Actuaries, Bimonthly)

EBRI Issue Brief (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Monthly)

EBRI Notes (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Monthly)

Employee Benefit News (SourceMedia Inc., Monthly)

Employee Benefit Plan Review (Aspen Publishers, Monthly)

Employment and Earnings (U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Online only)

Financial Accounts of the United States (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Quarterly)

Health Affairs (Project HOPE, Monthly)

HR Magazine (Society for Human Resource Management, Monthly)

Monthly Labor Review (U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monthly)

Pension & Benefits Daily (Bloomberg BNA, Daily)

Pension & Benefits Reporter (Bloomberg BNA, Weekly)

Pensions & Investments (Crain Communications, Inc., Biweekly)

Plan Sponsor (Asset International, Inc., Monthly)

Social Security Bulletin (U.S. Social Security Administration, Quarterly)

Survey of Current Business (U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Online only)

WorldatWork Journal (WorldatWork, Quarterly)

Public Laws & Regulations

EBRI Databook on Employee Benefits -- Appendix E: Legislative History of Employee Benefits

Statistical Reference Sources

Statistical Reference Sources – Employee Benefits (General)

Budget of the United States Government. Executive Office of the President. Office of Management and Budget (U.S. Government Printing Office, Annual)

EBRI Databook on Employee Benefits (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Online only)

Statistical Abstracts: Federal Employee Benefit Programs (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Irregular)

Statistical Reference Sources – Health Care

Comprehensive Health Insurance for High-Risk Individuals: A State-by-State Analysis: Includes Operating Statistics, Model Bill, Current Premiums, Funding Mechanisms, State Contacts. (National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans, Annual)

Sources of Health Insurance and Characteristics of the Uninsured." EBRI Issue Brief. Paul Fronstin (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Updated annually)

Statistical Reference Sources – Pension Plans

The 2008 Replacement Ratio Study™: A Measurement Tool for Retirement Planning. Aon Consulting and Georgia State University (Aon Consulting, 2008)

401(k) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances, and Loan Activity.” EBRI Issue Brief. Jack VanDerhei et al. (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Updated annually)

Income of the Population 55 or Older. (U.S. Social Security Administration, Biennial, Online only)

Pension Insurance Data (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Annual, Online only)

Private Pension Plan Bulletin: Abstract of Form 5500 Annual Reports. (U.S. Department of Labor. Employee Benefits Security Administration, Annual, Online only)

Statistical Report on the Military Retirement System (U.S. Department of Defense. Office of the Actuary, Annual)

Statistics of Income: Corporation Tax Statistics. U.S. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service (U.S. Government Printing Office, Annual)

Statistics of Income: Individual Income Tax Return (Form 1040) Statistics. U.S. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service (U.S. Government Printing Office, Annual)


Surveys – Employee Benefits (General)

Employee Benefits Trending Analysis 1996-2006 (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Employer Costs for Employee Compensation. (U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Quarterly News Release)

National Compensation Survey: Employee Benefits in the United States (U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Annual)

SpecSummary: United States Salaried (Aon Hewitt, Annual)

Surveys – Health Care

"EBRI/Greenwald & Associates Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey." EBRI Issue Brief. Paul Fronstin (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Updated annually)

Employer Health Benefits Survey (Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational Trust, Annual)

"Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey." EBRI Notes. Paul Fronstin (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Updated annually)

National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans (Mercer, Annual)

Surveys – Pension Plans

Accounting for Defined Benefit Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits: Reporting Under U.S. GAAP Among the Fortune 1000 Companies (Towers Watson, Annual)

Annual Survey of Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans (Plan Sponsor Council of America, Annual)

"Retirement Confidence Survey." EBRI Issue Brief. Ruth Helman et al. (Employee Benefit Research Institute, Updated annually)

Survey of Defined Contribution Plans (National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators, Annual, Online only)

Trends & Experience in Defined Contribution Plans (Aon Hewitt, Biennial)

United States Investment Management Market Trends (Greenwich Associates, Annual)

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