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[4/29/16] Internal Revenue Service: “Reminder for Employers and Providers: File Health Coverage Information Returns” [IRS Health Care Tax Tip 2016-47, April 27, 2016]

[4/29/16] Valence Health: “Survey Finds Healthcare Providers Changing Their Approach to Employee Health Plans

[4/29/16] Health Care Cost Institute: “Some States Pay Twice the Price for Health Care, Finds New Report -- Large Commercial Claims Dataset Sheds Light on Price Variation for Common Medical Services

[4/29/16] National Center for Health Statistics: Health, United States, 2015 [Health, United States, is an annual report on trends in health statistics.]

[4/29/16] Willis Towers Watson: 2016 Global Medical Trends Survey

[4/29/16] MSN: “5 facts to know about your 401k plan

[4/29/16] PlanSponsor: “Retirees’ Average Nest Egg Is a Mere $119K -- On average, retirees are living on $32,000 a year.

[4/29/16] Bloomberg: “How Americans Blow $1.7 Trillion in Retirement Savings -- Economists discover we’re pretty shortsighted, and it’s costing us.

[4/29/16] InvestmentNews: “Obama administration vows to veto House resolution to kill DOL fiduciary rule

[4/29/16] The Connecticut Mirror: “A divided CT house passes retirement security legislation

[4/28/16] Society for Human Resource Management: “Better Pay and Benefits Loom Large in Job Satisfaction

[4/28/16] Gallup: “Healthcare Costs Top U.S. Families’ Financial Concerns

[4/28/16] National Center for Policy Analysis: “Are Prescription Drug Prices Becoming As Meaningless As Hospital Charges?

[4/28/16] Kaiser Health News: “United’s Departure From Marketplaces Could Impact Consumers’ Costs, Access

[4/28/16] Lumina Foundation: Talent Investments Pay Off: Cigna Realizes Return on Investment from Tuition Benefits [White Paper]

[4/28/16] Internal Revenue Service: Suspension of Benefits Under the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014; Final regulations and removal of temporary regulations [as published in the Federal Register on April 28, 2016 - Effective date: These regulations are effective on April 28, 2016; Applicability date: These regulations apply to suspensions for which the approval or denial is issued on or after April 26, 2016. In the case of a systemically important plan, the final regulations apply with respect to any modified suspension implemented on or after April 26, 2016.]

[4/28/16] Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Payment of Premiums; Late Payment Penalty Relief; Proposed rule [as published in the Federal Register on April 28, 2016 - Comments must be submitted on or before June 27, 2016.]

[4/28/16] U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce: “Protecting Access to Affordable Retirement Advice - H. J. Res. 88

[4/28/16] Bloomberg BNA: “Kodak Fiduciaries Settle Stock-Drop Lawsuit for $9.7M

[4/28/16] Social Security Administration: Annual Statistical Supplement to the Social Security Bulletin, 2015 [The Supplement includes more than 240 statistical tables that provide comprehensive data on Social Security and Supplemental Security Income. The data cover program details such as beneficiary counts, amounts of benefits, and the status of the trust funds.]

[4/28/16] Social Security Administration:

[4/28/16] U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (WHD): The Employer’s Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act

[4/27/16] Institutional Investor: “Unconventional Wisdom: For Employees to Benefit, Plan Sponsors Need to Get the Word Out

[4/27/16] PlanAdviser: “Advisers Compete With Internet for Investment Advice to Participants

[4/27/16] Gallup: “Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Prefer Saving to Spending

[4/27/16] Business Insurance: “PBGC legislation could cut toll on employers

[4/27/16] Reuters: “Showdown over Kentucky’s public pension systems heats up

[4/27/16] NAPA Net: “The Retirement Cost Variable You May Be Overlooking

[4/27/16] PlanSponsor: “Employers Predict Big Changes to Health Plans in Near Future -- They want to implement changes that achieve better health outcomes and improve the patient experience.

[4/27/16] Forbes: “HSAs Under Attack in Obamacare Exchanges

[4/27/16] HealthPayer Intelligence: “Is Rising US Healthcare Spending Burdening the Economy?

[4/27/16] American Journal of Managed Care: “Telemedicine: A Game Changer for Senior Healthcare

[4/22/16] InsideSources, LLC: “Public Pensions - the Problem Is Not Just the Benefits

[4/22/16] NJSpotlight: “State Supreme Court Ruling on Public Employee Pensions Could Burden System

[4/22/16] Segal Consulting: “2015 Annual Funding Notice -- PBGC Filing Information

[4/22/16] CreditCards.com: “Poll: Women lose more sleep over money worries than men -- Retirement savings, education costs top list of sleep-depriving financial woes

[4/22/16] Retirement Income Journal: “Americans still overestimate safe retirement spending rate: NY Life” [Note: A subscription may be required to view the full article.]

[4/22/16] PlanSponsor: “Presidential Candidates Not Addressing Aging and Retirement

[4/22/16] Kaiser Health News: “Some Firms Save Money By Offering Employees Free Surgery

[4/22/16] Morning Consult: “AHIP Head Warns That ACA Premium Increases Are Coming

[4/22/16] Congressional Research Service: The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Employer Shared Responsibility Determination and the Potential Employer Penalty

[4/22/16] Fox Business: “Cigna/Anthem Not Exiting Obamacare, Unlike UnitedHealth

[4/21/16] PlanSponsor: “Active Engagement Helps Employers Meet Health Benefits Goals -- Individual education to employees is a better way for health benefits enrollment.

[4/21/16] Integrated Benefits Institute: “CFOs--Ready to Invest in Healthy Outcomes

[4/21/16] Health Affairs [Blog]: “New Guidance on SHOP Online Enrollment Requirements

[4/21/16] International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans: “Final SBC Guidance--The Sequel to the Sequel

[4/21/16] AARP: 2015 Survey on Prescription Drugs

[4/21/16] SCOTUSblog: “Still a gap on Court’s birth-control idea

[4/21/16] BenefitsPro: “Small plans lead the way in 401(k) design and efficiency

[4/21/16] NAPA Net: “Are Millennials Rejecting Age-Based Retirement?

[4/21/16] The Boston Globe: “How new retirement savings rules will affect consumers

[4/21/16] FedSmith.com: “State Fiscal Problems Threaten Higher Taxes on Federal Pensions

[4/20/16] BenefitsPro: “How to influence employee behavior with the benefits you offer

[4/20/16] Human Resource Executive Online: “The Future of Paid Sick Leave -- Legal experts say an executive order mandating paid sick leave for federal contractors could be a sign of things to come for all U.S. employers. Here’s what employers need to know.

[4/20/16] Milliman Multiemployer Pension Funding Study - Spring 2016: “Milliman analysis shows continued decline in multiemployer pension funded status. Multiemployer plans experience $26 billion increase in funded status deficit.

[4/20/16] U.S. News & World Report: “Move Over, 401(k)s: This New Perk Helps Millennials Pay Off College Loans -- Employers seeking talent offer to help workers free themselves from educational debt.

[4/20/16] The Motley Fool: “When Does the Average American Start Collecting Social Security?

[4/20/16] PlanSponsor: “Senators Fighting Fiduciary Rule

[4/20/16] USA Today: “Alabama House approves IRA bill for state employees

[4/20/16] InsuranceNewsNet: “Is On-Site Health Care Right for Your Employer Clients?

[4/20/16] Twin Cities Business: “Modest Increase in Employers’ Health Plan Costs in 2015

[4/20/16] The New York Times: “Immigrants, the Poor and Minorities Gain Sharply Under Affordable Care Act

[4/19/16] America’s Health Insurance Plans: Trends in Potential Overuse of Three Services Among Individuals with Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance [Note: The full report can be downloaded at the website.]

[4/19/16] HealthLeaders Media: “Wellness Program Incentives

[4/19/16] FierceHealthPayer: “Employer-sponsored health plans find solace in private exchanges -- Meanwhile, wellness programs offer cost-cutting benefits, but ‘disturbing’ privacy concerns remain

[4/19/16] U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions: Hearing titled “Innovations in Health Care: Exploring Free-Market Solutions for a Healthy Workforce” [Hearing held April 14, 2016, includes links to witness testimonies]

[4/19/16] Milliman 100 Pension Funding Index: “Milliman Analysis: Funded status drops in March by $20 billion

[4/19/16] J.P. Morgan Asset Management: Retirement reset: How re-enrollment can help strengthen U.S. retirement security

[4/19/16] T. Rowe Price: Retirement and Financial Education: Financial Wellness

[4/19/16] The Motley Fool: “3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Income in Retirement -- Many Americans are approaching retirement with insufficient funds. What can you do about that, if that’s you? Here are three ideas.

[4/19/16] NAPA Net: “Climbing Everest: A New Perspective on Helping Pre-Retirees

[4/19/16] PlanSponsor: “New Bill Would Address PBGC Premiums

[4/19/16] The National Law Review: “Two Adverse Decisions against Church Plans Reached at Appellate Court Level

[4/19/16] Human Resource Executive Online: “Decoding DOL’s Final Fiduciary Rule -- Now that the Department of Labor has unveiled its long-awaited fiduciary rule, experts discuss the impact it will have on HR organizations going forward.

[4/15/16] CPA Practice Advisor: “Worker Satisfaction with Wages and Benefits Drops

[4/15/16] The Fiscal Times: “Employer health benefits for U.S. retirees keep declining

[4/15/16] Bloomberg: “Five Things Businesses Could Do to Fight Obesity -- Private industry pays for workers’ excess weight in higher health-care costs. Here’s what companies could do to help prevent it.

[4/15/16] Willis Towers Watson Insider: “HHS finalizes 2017 out-of-pocket expense limits and other guidance

[4/15/16] Accounting Today: “Congress Considers Capping Health Care Tax Break for Employers

[4/15/16] American Benefits Council: Benefits Briefing: Paid Leave Laws & Challenges for Employers [April 14, 2016]

[4/15/16] Internal Revenue Service: Withdrawal of Proposed Nondiscrimination Rules Applicable to Certain Qualified Retirement Plan Benefit Formulas [Announcement 2016-16]

[4/15/16] CFO Research and Prudential Financial: Closing the Gap in DB Plans

[4/15/16] PlanSponsor: “Edison Wins Dismissal of Excessive Fee Suit -- The case had been remanded to an appellate court after a Supreme Court decision.

[4/14/16] BenefitsPro: “Voluntary benefits and HSAs: Adding value by filling gaps

[4/14/16] Mercer: “Few Employers to Face ACA’s ‘Play or Pay’ Penalties, But Many Still Feel the Pain

[4/14/16] Bank of America Merrill Lynch: 2016 Workplace Benefits Report: Empowering and Encouraging Employees to Plan for Their Financial Futures

[4/14/16] PlanAdviser: “401(k) Investors’ Conservative Streak Holds in March

[4/14/16] International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans: Financial Education for Today’s Workforce: 2016 Survey Results

[4/14/16] PlanSponsor: “Participant Education Delivery May Change With Final Fiduciary Rule

[4/14/16] Governmental Accounting Standards Board: Statement No. 82 of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board: Pension Issues: an Amendment of GASB Statements No. 67, No. 68, and No. 73

[4/14/16] Manhattan Institute: Guaranteed Volatility: Pension Costs and State and Local Staffing Levels

[4/14/16] Department of the Treasury: Comment Request for the Financial Literacy and Education Commission on the Draft National Strategy Update, Entitled Promoting Financial Success: National Strategy for Financial Literacy Update; Request for comment [as published in the Federal Register on April 11, 2016 - Comments should be received by May 11, 2016, to be assured consideration.]

[4/14/16] NAPA Net: “Tibble Gets Another Shot, But Comes Up Short

[4/13/16] Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Multiemployer Supplement 2013 Data Tables

[4/13/16] Gallup: “Most U.S. Investors Happy With Their 401(k)

[4/13/16] Vanguard Commentary: “Constructing a defined contribution investment lineup: Four best practices

[4/13/16] Next Avenue [Blog]: “As Retirement Nears, Boomers Have More Fears

[4/13/16] PlanSponsor: “Retirees Prefer Guaranteed Income Over Spending Down Assets

[4/13/16] U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Beyond the Numbers: Prices & Spending: “A closer look at spending patterns of older Americans

[4/13/16] Bloomberg BNA: “Fidelity, Putnam Lose Early Bids to Dismiss ERISA Lawsuits

[4/13/16] Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker Insight Brief: “Payments for Cost Sharing Increasing Rapidly Over Time

[4/13/16] Institute for HealthCare Consumerism: “The Power of the Patient-Centered Medical Home in Workplace Health and Wellness Centers

[4/13/16] Calpensions: “Brown’s long road to retiree health cost relief

[4/12/16] Insured Retirement Institute: Boomer Expectations for Retirement 2016: Sixth Annual Update on the Retirement Preparedness of the Boomer Generation

[4/12/16] ConsumerAffairs.com: “What’s behind Baby Boomers’ avoidance of annuities?

[4/12/16] PlanSponsor: “What Plan Sponsors Should Know About the Final Fiduciary Rule -- The final rule from the DOL scaled back on some requirements, but left others in place.

[4/12/16] Society for Human Resource Management: “DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Garners Support, Draws Concern -- If 401(k) plan participants like their financial advice, will they be able to keep it?

[4/12/16] NAPA Net: “Maryland’s State-Run IRA Bill Heads for Governor’s Signature

[4/12/16] The Globalist: “U.S. Healthcare: On the Costly Edge -- How does U.S. health spending compare to other major systems and major populations?

[4/12/16] International Business Times: “Do Wellness Programs Work? As Companies Buy In, Return On Investment Is Coming Under Scrutiny

[4/12/16] Digital Trends: “Wearables Are Already Impacting the Healthcare Industry, and Here’s How

[4/12/16] Human Resource Executive Online: “Engagement Still Top HR Concern

[4/12/16] Brookings [Opinion]: “It’s time to end Social Security for the rich

[4/11/16] United Benefit Advisors: “UBA: Small Businesses See Big Hikes in Health Plan Costs -- New Survey Data Reveals Health Plan Costs, Options by State and Industry

[4/11/16] CNBC: “Keeping drug costs down in retirement

[4/11/16] Reuters: “California to expand paid family leave for new parents

[4/11/16] NAPA Net: “Study: Eliminating Behavioral Biases Could Boost Retirement Savings

[4/11/16] The Fiscal Times: “The Hot New Employee Benefit Millennials Are Demanding

[4/11/16] Bloomberg QuickTake: “Robo-Advisers: They Invest by Algorithm But Don’t Return Calls

[4/11/16] Seeking Alpha: “What Does Robo Look Like When It Grows Up?

[4/11/16] PlanSponsor: “Partial Settlement Reached in RadioShack Stock Drop Case

[4/11/16] Milliman: 2016 Key Administrative Dates and Deadlines for Calendar-Year Multiemployer Defined Benefit Plans [Subject to ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code]

[4/11/16] U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration:

Fact Sheet: Department of Labor Finalizes Rule to Address Conflicts of Interest in Retirement Advice, Saving Middle-Class Families Billions of Dollars Every Year

Chart Illustrating Changes from Department of Labor’s 2015 Conflict of Interest Proposal to Final

FAQs About Conflicts of Interest Rulemaking

[4/8/16] U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration:
Definition of the Term “Fiduciary”; Conflict of Interest Rule--Retirement Investment Advice; Final rule [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Effective date: The final rule is effective June 7, 2016; Applicability date: April 10, 2017.]

Best Interest Contract Exemption; Adoption of Class Exemption [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Issuance date: This exemption is issued June 7, 2016; Applicability date: This exemption is applicable to transactions occurring on or after April 10, 2017.]

Class Exemption for Principal Transactions in Certain Assets Between Investment Advice Fiduciaries and Employee Benefit Plans and IRAs; Adoption of Class Exemption [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Issuance date: This exemption is issued June 7, 2016; Applicability date: This exemption is applicable to transactions occurring on or after April 10, 2017.]

Amendment to Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 75-1, Part V, Exemptions From Prohibitions Respecting Certain Classes of Transactions Involving Employee Benefit Plans and Certain Broker-Dealers, Reporting Dealers and Banks; Adoption of amendment to PTE 75-1, Part V [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Issuance date: This amendment is issued June 7, 2016; Applicability date: This amendment is applicable to transactions occurring on or after April 10, 2017.]

Amendment to and Partial Revocation of Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 84-24 for Certain Transactions Involving Insurance Agents and Brokers, Pension Consultants, Insurance Companies, and Investment Company Principal Underwriters; Adoption of amendment to and partial revocation of PTE 84-24 [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Issuance date: This amendment and partial revocation is issued June 7, 2016; Applicability date: This amendment and partial revocation is applicable to transactions occurring on or after April 10, 2017.]

Amendment to and Partial Revocation of Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 86-128 for Securities Transactions Involving Employee Benefit Plans and Broker-Dealers; Amendment to and Partial Revocation of PTE 75-1, Exemptions From Prohibitions Respecting Certain Classes of Transactions Involving Employee Benefit Plans and Certain Broker-Dealers, Reporting Dealers and Banks; Adoption of amendments to and partial revocations of PTEs 86-128 and 75-1 [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Issuance date: These amendments and partial revocations are issued June 7, 2016; Applicability date: These amendments are applicable to transactions occurring on or after April 10, 2017.]

Amendments to Class Exemptions 75-1, 77-4, 80-83 and 83-1; Adoption of Amendments to Class Exemptions [as published in the Federal Register on April 8, 2016 - Issuance date: These amendments are issued June 7, 2016; Applicability date: These amendments are applicable to transactions occurring on or after April 10, 2017.]

[4/8/16] U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Winning With Wellness

[4/8/16] Bloomberg BNA: “Prescription Drug Price Hikes: Searching for That Elusive Cure

[4/8/16] Kaiser Health News: “Prices and Health Care Quality: Many Consumers Don’t See a Link

[4/8/16] Gallup: “U.S. Uninsured Rate at 11.0%, Lowest in Eight-Year Trend

[4/8/16] Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: “Departments Finalize New Version of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage

[4/8/16] U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration: “Summary of Benefits and Coverage and Uniform Glossary” [Note: This webpage includes links to resources related to: Regulations and Guidance; Templates, Instructions, and Related Materials (Currently Applicable); Templates, Instructions, and Related Materials (for use on or after 04/01/17 (Final)]

[4/8/16] Milliman: Milliman 2016 Pension Funding Study

[4/8/16] Sibson Consulting: “PBGC May Be Able to Pursue Equity Funds for Employer Liability Payments

[4/7/16] Internal Revenue Service: “Employers: Have fewer than 50 Employees? Here’s How ACA Affects You” [IRS Health Care Tax Tip 2016-41, April 6, 2016]

[4/7/16] Congressional Research Service: Overview of Private Health Insurance Provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)

[4/7/16] USA Today: “San Francisco passes nation’s most generous family leave law

[4/7/16] Proskauer’s Law and the Workplace: “Chicago Task Force Proposes 5 Days of Paid Sick Leave for Employees

[4/7/16] NAPA Net: “It’s Official: DOL Unveils Final Fiduciary Rule

[4/7/16] NPR: “White House to Financial Advisers: Put Savers’ Interests First

[4/7/16] MSN: “Many Americans believe retirement is out of reach

[4/6/16] U.S. News & World Report: “How Job Changers Manage Their 401(k) Plans -- Take these steps to avoid 401(k) fees and penalties when starting a new job.

[4/6/16] PlanSponsor: “Employees Want Help With Financial Issues -- Millennials, in particular, are seeking help from their employers when it comes to addressing financial concerns, a study from MetLife found.

[4/6/16] TIAA Institute: Variable Annuities, Lifetime Income Guarantees, and Investment Downside Protection

[4/6/16] WSIL-TV: “5 solutions to state’s pension crisis offered by Illinois Policy Institute

[4/6/16] Journal of the American Medical Association: “Recent Trends in Prescription Drug Costs” [Infographic]

[4/6/16] National Institute for Health Care Reform Research Brief: “Balancing Access and Costs: Health Benefit Structures for Privately Insured People” [Note: The full brief can be downloaded at the website.]

[4/6/16] FMLA Insights: “Paid Family Leave Becomes Law in New York Through an Insurance-Style Scheme. Will Other States Follow?

[4/6/16] Bloomberg View: “The Gig Economy Is Powered by Old People

[4/5/16] Russell Investments: “8 observations on custom target date funds

[4/5/16] CFO.com: “Weighty New Conundrum for Pension Plan Sponsors

[4/5/16] Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company: GRS Insight: Summary of GASB Statement 73

[4/5/16] Business Insurance: “Wellness programs evolving to mental and financial health

[4/4/16] FierceHealthPayer: “Survey: Most employees happy with health plan, but cost concerns continue -- 79 percent of workers say premium costs most important factor when choosing plan

[4/5/16] CIO: “Are healthcare CIOs being cut out of the analytics loop?

[4/5/16] Human Resource Executive Online: “Improving Absence Programs -- Here are some innovative ways HR leaders can help their organizations improve the efficiency of absence programs in an effort to control costs.

[4/5/16] Society for Human Resource Management: “Top 11 Employer FMLA Mistakes -- Missed notices, documentation errors, clueless managers aren’t even the half of it

[4/5/16] Manhattan Institute: Inviolable -- or Not: The Legal Status of Retiree Medical Benefits for State and Local Employees

[4/5/16] U.S. Census Bureau: An Aging World, 2015 [International Population Reports]

[4/1/16] Kaiser Health News: “Workers’ Desire Grows for Wage Increases Over Health Benefits

[4/1/16] Human Resource Executive Online: “The Missing Link to a Healthier Workforce

[4/1/16] FierceHealthPayer: “Beyond workout apps: The ROI of well-crafted wellness programs

[4/1/16] Healthcare Informatics: “Moving Out of Its Emergent Phase, Healthcare Data Analytics Becomes More Real

[4/1/16] Kaiser Family Foundation: “Traditional Medicare…Disadvantaged?

[4/1/16] U.S. Census Bureau: Summary of the Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions for 2015:Q4 -- Assets Rise Slightly During Fourth Quarter of 2015

[4/1/16] Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: PBGC Insurance of Multiemployer Pension Plans: A Five Year Report [Report to Congress required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended -- March 2016]

[4/1/16] NAPA Net: “Average 401(k) Balances Surged in March

[4/1/16] Center for Retirement Research at Boston College’s Squared Away Blog: “401ks: an Employer-Employee Disconnect

[4/1/16] Retirement Income Journal: “The Future of Robo-Advice” [Note: A subscription may be required to view the full article.]

What's new at EBRI this month:

EBRI 2015 Fall Policy Forum: "What Moves the Retirement Readiness Needle During the Accumulation Period: Quantification of Risks and Evaluation of New Proposals" [“gavel-to-gavel” webcast - Prerecorded broadcast available through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans]

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“EBRI Now on Twitter” [EBRI Press Release, 2/6/09]

401(k) Balances and Changes Due to Market Volatility


April 2016 EBRI Issue Brief - "401(k) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances, and Loan Activity in 2014"

April 2016 EBRI Notes - "Trends in Retirement Satisfaction in the United States: Fewer Having a Great Time"

April 2016 EBRI Notes - "What Moves the Retirement Readiness Needle: Quantification of Risk and Evaluation of New Proposals"


What's new in employee benefits:

The following items have been added to the Government Accountability Office's Web site in Portable Document (PDF) format:

Retirement Security: Shorter Life Expectancy Reduces Projected Lifetime Benefits for Lower Earners.
GAO-16-354, March 25. Highlights.

Retirement Security: Better Information on Income Replacement Rates Needed to Help Workers Plan for Retirement.
GAO-16-242, March 1. Highlights.

Social Security's Future: Answers to Key Questions. GAO-16-75SP, October 27.

Retirement Security: Federal Action Could Help State Efforts to Expand Private Sector Coverage. GAO-15-556, September 10. Highlights.

Small Employer Health Tax Credit: Limited Use Continues Due to Multiple Reasons.
GAO-16-491T, March 22. Highlights.

Pension Advance Transactions: Questionable Business Practices and the Federal Response, by Stephen Lord, managing director, forensic audits and investigative service, before the Senate Special Committee on Aging. GAO-15-846T, September 30. Highlights.


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