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What's New - August 1998

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What's new at EBRI this month:

Two EBRI books have been added to the EBRI members-only password protected site:

    • Retirement Prospects in a Defined Contribution World
    • Do Employers/Employees Still Need Employee Benefits?

  • Today in Congress: Click here for the EBRI/ASEC Congressional Directory which provides the U.S. Congressional Schedule: House & Senate Floor Schedules, Senate Committee Hearings, House Committee Hearings, and Joint Committee Hearings.
  • The American Compensation Association provides listings of human resources-related congressional bills with links to the bills and to background information on the bills.

Senate bills
House bills

  • Click here for the latest News Online compiled weekly by the staff of Pensions & Investments.
  • Late-breaking news items from the weekly publication Business Insurance are posted every Friday before the Monday issue date.
  • Click here for the latest available issue of the Washington Status Report from the research staff of Hewitt Associates.
  • The following items have been added to the General Accounting Office's Web site in Portable Document (PDF) format:

Social Security Disability Insurance: Factors Affecting Beneficiaries' Return to Work.
T-HEHS-98-230. 13 pp. July 29, 1998.

Railroad Retirement: Enhancing Portability Would Raise Cost and Policy Concerns.
GGD-98-168. 19 pp. plus 3 appendices (5 pp.) August 10, 1998.

Social Security: Implications of Extending Mandatory Coverage to State and Local Employees.
HEHS-98-196. August 18, 1998.

Health Insurance for Children: Private Individual Coverage Available, but Choices Can Be Limited and Costs Vary.
HEHS-98-201. 15 pp. plus 1 appendix (1 pp.) August 5, 1998.

Social Security: Different Approaches for Addressing Program Solvency.
HEHS-98-33. 89 pp. plus 4 appendices (9 pp.) July 22, 1998.

If a title link above no longer works, click here for the GAO Index of Reports and Testimony, FY98, and search for the report by entering words or phrases from the title. Reports will also be added to GAO's searchable WAIS database in ASCII and PDF formats within 24 hours of the original posting. Any individual report may be retrieved directly in text and PDF formats with the following URL: http://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/getrpt?RPTNO replacing RPTNO with the report number (e.g., GAO/OCG-98-1).

  • If your computer does not already have the free Adobe Acrobat viewer software to read PDF files, click here for the one-time download necessary to read PDF publications.

(8/31/98) Comparing Federal Employee Benefits with Those in the Private Sector is an August 1998 report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

(8/28/98) New Tax Law Gives Defined Benefit Plans a Glimmer of Hope, by William J. Sohn, Buck Consultants , provides an analysis of a facet of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

(8/25/98) Hewitt Associates announces the launch of the new 401(k) Index which tracks the daily investment activity of 1.4 million 401(k) plan participants.

(8/24/98) The Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health & Human Services has released the report Administrative Costs Submitted by Risk-Based Health Maintenance Organizations on the Adjusted Community Rate Proposals Are Highly Inflated.

(8/21/98) The Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health & Human Services has released Medicare Beneficiaries with Additional Medical Insurance in 1997.

(8/20/98) A study conducted by the Galen Institute and The Heritage Foundation, Uninsured Rates Rise Dramatically in States with Strictest Health Insurance Regulations, was written by Melinda L. Schriver and Grace-Marie Arnett.

(8/18/98) The 1998-1999 Directory of Public Policy Organizations, an online searchable database, is a publication of The Heritage Foundation's Resource Bank.

(8/17/98) The National Center on Women & Aging has released a report titled: "Financial Challenges for Mature Women: Creating Financial Plans and Evaluating Financial Planners." Click here for highlights of the study.

(8/14/98) Consumer's Union, which publishes Consumer Reports magazine and lobbies on consumer issues, has issued a new report on Medicare which includes results of a 19-city Medicare HMO Survey,"New Choices, New Worries" in Medicare Marketplace."

(8/13/98) This week's issue of PolicyWire.com presents a special report on Social Security titled: THE BRITISH ARE COMING! The report analyzes the British Social Security pension system.

(8/13/98) The 1998 Medicare Chart Book has been released by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA).

(8/12/98) The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has prepared an analysis of Professor Martin Feldstein's proposal to set up private savings accounts financed by tax credits.

(8/11/98) Click here for information on The Workforce Investment Act, a job training bill signed into law by President Clinton on Aug. 7.

(8/10/98) The Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor issued a press release and Fiduciary-Related Questions & Answers warning employee benefit plan administrators about Y2K problems.

(8/7/98) Health, United States, 1998, HHS' comprehensive annual report on the health and health care of the U.S. population has been recently released.

(8/6/98) Click here for Senator Chafee's Managed Care pages which include information on the Promoting Responsible Managed Care Act of 1998 (S. 2416) and a comparison chart of three Senate managed care proposals.

(8/5/98) The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) announced the availability of a new publication, A Predictable, Secure Pension for Life: Defined Benefit Pensions.

(8/4/98) A State-by-State Analysis of the Returns from Social Security, by William W. Beach, Gareth G. Davis, and Sarah E. Youssef, is a recent report of the Heritage Center of Data Analysis.

 Updated 8/31/98



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