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[1/31/14] The White House: “Fact Sheet: Opportunity for All: Securing a Dignified Retirement for All Americans

[1/31/14] Plan Sponsor:

[1/31/14] U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions: “Harkin Unveils Legislation to Address Retirement Crisis, Rebuild Private Pension System” [Press Release]

[1/31/14] TIAA-CREF: TIAA-CREF Lifetime Income Survey: Executive Summary

[1/31/14] U.S. News & World Report: “Advice for 20-Somethings: Start Saving for Retirement Now

[1/31/14] Market Strategies International: “Cogent Reports™: $280 Billion Likely Headed to Rollover IRAs in 2014” [Press Release]

[1/31/14] Employee Benefit News: “Public exchanges competitive with employer-sponsored plans

[1/31/14] BenefitsPro: “IRS allows just one wellness incentive in calculating affordability

[1/30/14] The Los Angeles Times: “Obama myRA proposal unlikely to boost retirement savings

[1/30/14] Reuters (via Chicago Tribune): “Is myRA for me?

[1/30/14] Workforce.com: “Most Common 401(k) Retirement Plan Match Is Now Dollar-for-Dollar: Survey

[1/30/14] Investment Company Institute: Americans’ Views on Defined Contribution Plan Saving

[1/30/14] NASRA Issue Brief: “Employee Contributions to Public Pension Plans

[1/30/14] HRBenefitsAlert.com: “Domino effect: Why dropping spouses may not cut health plan costs

[1/30/14] Towers Watson Insider: “Final Mental Health Parity Regulations Mostly Confirm/Clarify Earlier Guidance

[1/30/14] Kaiser Family Foundation: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: January 2014

[1/29/14] Bloomberg: “Obama Unveils Savings Proposal for Workers Lacking 401(k)

[1/29/14] Internal Revenue Service: Employee Plans News [Jan. 23, 2014]

[1/29/14] Milliman PERiScope [Public Employee Retirement Systems]: GASB 67/68: Beginning implementation and overview

[1/29/14] Forbes: “A Helpful New Site for the Financially Insecure

[1/29/14] The Huffington Post: “Target Cuts Health Care. For Some, It’s Not a Bad Thing

[1/29/14] Human Resource Executive Online: “EAPs Not Covered by ACA Umbrella

[1/29/14] Kaiser Health News: “GOP Senators’ New Health Overhaul Plan Would Tax Some Workers’ Benefits

[1/29/14] American Benefits Council: The Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment Act: A Legislative Proposal

[1/28/14] Internal Revenue Service: Minimum Essential Coverage and Other Rules Regarding the Shared Responsibility Payment for Individuals; Notice of proposed rulemaking and notice of public hearing [as published in the Federal Register on Jan. 27, 2014]

[1/28/14] Investment News: “Health savings accounts gain in popularity -- They’re a great way to save on federal taxes, but state treatments differ widely

[1/28/14] Human Resource Executive Online: “Study: PepsiCo’s Wellness Program Falls Flat

[1/28/14] Morningstar: “How Does Your 401(k) Plan Stack Up?

[1/28/14] MarketWatch: “To retire, many need a ‘401(k) for life’

[1/24/14] BenefitsPro: “401(k), Social Security should be enough for most retirees

[1/24/14] Prudential: The Hispanic American Financial Experience

[1/24/14] FINRA: “The IRA Rollover: 10 Tips to Making a Sound Decision

[1/24/14] Towers Watson Insider: “Funded Status of Fortune 1000 Pension Plans Estimated to Have Improved Significantly During 2013

[1/24/14] Plan Sponsor: “Excluding Spouses from Health Coverage Could Backfire

[1/24/14] Healthcare Payer News: “Understanding Target’s decision to cut health benefits

[1/23/14] Employee Benefit News: “EBRI: HRAs flounder and HSAs flourish in 2013

[1/23/14] Aon Hewitt (via Benefits Quarterly): “Can Private Health Care Exchanges Improve the U.S. Health Care System?

[1/23/14] Healthcare Payer News: “Most employees happy with private HIX choices, some want more

[1/23/14] RAND Corporation: Evaluating the “Keep Your Health Plan Fix” -- Implications for the Affordable Care Act Compared to Legislative Alternatives

[1/23/14] Mercer:

[1/23/14] The Los Angeles Times: “Retirement prospects are fairly good for people with 401(k) plans

[1/23/14] Investment News: “DOL set to take a look at ‘brokerage windows’ in 401(k) plans

[1/23/14] American Academy of Actuaries: Retirement for the Ages: Building Enduring Retirement-Income Systems [A Public Policy Monograph]

[1/22/14] Plan Sponsor: “Peer Pressure Could Help Raise Deferral Rates

[1/22/14] Financial Finesse Reports [Research on financial trends]: 2013 Generational Research

[1/22/14] MarketWatch: “An old-school pension lures young recruits

[1/22/14] Human Resource Executive Online: “Navigating the Benefits Landscape

[1/22/14] BenefitsPro: “Researchers point to shift in health accounts

[1/22/14] Congressional Budget Office: Approaches to Reducing Federal Spending on Military Health Care

[1/16/14] Prudential Compliance Advisory: “IRS provides temporary relief for frozen defined benefit plans

[1/16/14] Treasury & Risk: “Another Factor in Favor of Pension Risk Transfers

[1/16/14] MainStreet: “New Retirement Account: 51% of Workers Could Benefit from It

[1/16/14] The New York Times [Blog]: “Playing the Odds on Saving

[1/16/14] U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “6 Obamacare Realities for Businesses in 2014

[1/16/14] The Washington Post: “Judge upholds health law subsidies

[1/15/14] Internal Revenue Service: Employee Plans News [Jan. 14, 2014]

[1/15/14] Plan Sponsor: “Financial Wellness Can Save Employers Money

[1/15/14] The Wall Street Journal: “What You Know About Retirement Investing Is Wrong

[1/15/14] AARP [Blog]: “Boomers Downbeat Over Financial Future

[1/15/14] Seacoastonline.com: “Important to get early start on retirement savings

[1/15/14] The Washington Post: “Why your employer wants to help you with your finances

[1/15/14] Kaiser Health News: “Nearly a Quarter of Health Marketplace Enrollees Are Young Adults

[1/13/14] Milliman’s Client Action Bulletin: “Guidance Issued on In-Plan Roth Rollovers to Designated Roth Accounts

[1/13/14] Aon Hewitt: 2014 Hot Topics in Retirement -- Survey Highlights

[1/13/14] Reuters: “Thinking of rolling over your 401(k)? Think twice

[1/13/14] Center for Retirement Research at Boston College: How Do Subjective Longevity Expectations Influence Retirement Plans? [Working Paper]

[1/13/14] The Wall Street Journal: “The High Cost of Health Care in Retirement

[1/13/14] Towers Watson: Accounting for Defined Benefit Pensions and Other Postretirement Benefits, 2013: Reporting Under U.S. GAAP Among Fortune 1000 Companies

[1/13/14] RAND Corporation: Do Workplace Wellness Programs Save Employers Money?

[1/10/14] The Segal Group: Trends: Noteworthy Developments of Interest to Employers That Sponsor Health Plans [First Quarter 2014]

[1/10/14] The Washington Post [Wonkblog]: “Maryland’s plan to upend health care spending

[1/10/14] U.S. Department of Labor: FAQs about Affordable Care Act Implementation (Part XVIII) and Mental Health Parity Implementation

[1/10/14] Bankrate.com: “Obamacare support weakens, workers pinched

[1/10/14] Plan Sponsor: “Employers to Focus on Employees’ Overall Financial Wellness

[1/10/14] Yahoo! Finance: “Would a Retirement Plan Overhaul Fix Our Savings Shortfall?

[1/9/14] Plan Sponsor: “Employers Will Shift to Managing Employee Health

[1/9/14] Workforce.com: “Affordable Care Act Accelerates Decline of Retiree Health Benefits

[1/9/14] Altarum Institute: “Study: Consumers Active in Their Own Health Care but Face Financial Pressures and Are Unprepared for Health Care Costs in Retirement

[1/9/14] Milliman 100 Pension Funding Index: “Milliman analysis: Pension funding ratio climbs to 95.2% at year-end 2013

[1/9/14] San Francisco Chronicle: “Older Americans Shun Retirement at 65 for Risky Startups: Jobs

[1/9/14] Monthly Labor Review: “Labor force projections to 2022: the labor force participation rate continues to fall

[1/8/14] U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: National Compensation Survey: Health and Retirement Plan Provisions in Private Industry in the United States, 2012

[1/8/14] CNBC.com: “How to talk to an employer about your 401(k)

[1/8/14] Financial Advisor Magazine: “Convincing People to Invest Their Tax Refunds

[1/8/14] Plan Sponsor: “Wellness Programs May Not Reduce All Health Care Costs

[1/8/14] AARP Public Policy Institute: Effect of Health Reform for 50- to 64-Year-Olds

[1/8/14] Kaiser Family Foundation: Medical Debt Among People with Health Insurance

[1/8/14] The Washington Post [The Fact Checker]: “Social Security: A guide to critical questions

[1/8/14] University of Michigan Retirement Research Center: Older Adult Debt and Financial Frailty [Working Paper]

[1/7/14] St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Boeing workers give up pension, but gain job security

[1/7/14] Appleby Retirement Consulting: Appleby’s Retirement Plans Comparison Table for Small Businesses-2014 Plan Year

[1/7/14] Detroit Free Press: “Orr issues stay on freezing pensions for Detroit workers as mediation continues

[1/7/14] MoneyRates.com: “Why Americans still can’t escape the recession

[1/7/14] Internal Revenue Service: Computation of, and Rules Relating to, Medical Loss Ratio; Final regulations [as published in the Federal Register on Jan. 7, 2014]

[1/7/14] The Los Angeles Times: “U.S. healthcare costs keep rising but at slower pace

[1/6/14] Employee Benefit News: “IRS: More post-DOMA guidance on cafeteria plans, FSAs, HSAs

[1/6/14] Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation: Payment of Premiums; Large-Plan Flat-Rate Premium; Final rule [as published in the Federal Register on Jan. 3, 2014]

[1/6/14] The Washington Post: “Corporate pension plans at strongest funding in years

[1/6/14] Milliman’s DB Digest: “Lump sum windows: It’s in the details

[1/6/14] BenefitsPro: “401(k) balances grew across the board in past two years

[1/6/14] Investment News: “IRA conversions surge ahead of tax break end

[1/6/14] Bloomberg Businessweek: “Baby Boomers: Poorer in Old Age Than Their Parents

[1/6/14] Associated Press (via National Public Radio): “Will Surge of Older Workers Take Jobs from Young?

[1/2/14] Ascensus [Blog]: “Retirement Plan Guidance is on EBSA’s Gift List for 2014

[1/2/14] Towers Watson: “Corporate Pension Plan Funding Levels Increased Sharply in 2013, Towers Watson Analysis Finds

[1/2/14] Financial Advisor Magazine: “401(k) Bottom Line

[1/2/14] San Mateo Daily Journal: “Americans seeking softer retirement landing

[1/2/14] PIMCO DC Dialogue: “Australia’s Retirement Journey -- Moving Beyond the ‘Pot of Gold’” [“In this PIMCO DC Dialogue, we speak with Professor Michael Drew about the development of the DC system in Australia.”]

[1/2/14] Columbus CEO: “New Benefits Math: Calculating ACA’s Impact

[1/2/14] eHealth®: Cost and Benefits of Individual and Family Health Insurance


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EBRI 2013 Fall Policy Forum: “Employee Benefits: Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday” [“gavel-to-gavel” webcast - Prerecorded broadcast available through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans]

EBRI 2013 Spring Policy Forum: “Decisions, Decisions: Choices That Affect Retirement Income Adequacy” [“gavel to gavel” webcast - Prerecorded broadcast available through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans]

EBRI 2012 Fall Policy Forum:  “’Post’ Script: What’s Next for Employment-Based Health Benefits” [“gavel to gavel” webcast - Prerecorded broadcast available through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans]

EBRI 2012 Spring Policy Forum:  “’After’ Math: The Impact and Influence of Incentives on Benefit Policy” [“gavel to gavel” webcast - Prerecorded broadcast available through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans]

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January 2014 EBRI Issue Brief - "Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements: Assets, Account Balances, and Rollovers, 2006-2013"

January 2014 EBRI Notes - "The Cost of Spousal Health Coverage" and "The Role of Social Security, Defined Benefits, and Private Retirement Accounts in the Face of the Retirement Crisis"


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The following items have been added to the Government Accountability Office's Web site in Portable Document (PDF) format:

Private Pensions: Clarity of Required Reports and Disclosures Could Be Improved. GAO-14-92, November 21. Highlights.

401(k) Plans: Other Countries' Experiences Offer Lessons in Policies and Oversight of Spend-down Options. GAO-14-9, November 20. Highlights.

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