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[6/29/12]  Kaiser Health News:  “The Supreme Court Rules: The Individual Mandate Survives as a Tax, Justices Find Fault with Medicaid Expansion

[6/29/12]  Mercer:  “Supreme Court’s decision puts pressure on employers to implement health law or face penalties

[6/29/12]  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:  “How have health benefits changed in state and local governments from 1998 to 2011?

[6/29/12]  U.S. Census Bureau:  Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions: State & Local Government -- 2012 First Quarter

[6/29/12]  Investment Company Institute:  “Retirement Assets Total $18.9 Trillion in First Quarter 2012

[6/29/12]  FMLA Insights:  “DOL’s New Employee Guide to the FMLA Issued: What’s the Impact on Employers?

[6/28/12]  The Wall Street Journal:  “Supreme Court to Decide on Health Law

[6/28/12]  The Segal Company’s Capital Checkup:  “New Guidance on Cafeteria Plans

[6/28/12]  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:  “Employer-provided health insurance in state and local government

[6/28/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “Retirees May Be Overly Confident About Health Care Costs

[6/28/12]  Prudential:  Insights on Investing: Fixed Income Options Within DC Plans

[6/28/12]  Milliman’s DB digest:  “Defined benefit plan statements: getting by or adding value?

[6/27/12]  National Center for Health Statistics:  Health Insurance Coverage: Early Release of Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, 2011

[6/27/12]  Kaiser Health News [Blog]:  “Health Policy Groups Prepare for Day of Spin

[6/27/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “Employers Hoping for Repeal of Health Reform Law

[6/27/12]  The Vanguard Group:  How America Saves 2012: A report on Vanguard 2011 defined contribution plan data

[6/27/12]  U.S. News & World Report [Blog]:  “5 Ways the Media Tries to Scare Retirees

[6/26/12]  Human Resource Executive Online:  “Employers Shifting Benefits Costs, Choices to Employees

[6/26/12]  Governmental Accounting Standards Board:  “GASB Improves Pension Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards” [News Release]

[6/26/12]  National Association of State Retirement Administrators Issue Brief:  “Public Pension Plan Investment Return Assumptions

[6/26/12]  OregonLive.com:  “SIMPLE ways out of fee-heavy workplace retirement plans

[6/26/12]  Fox Business:  “Easy Fix for Retirement Problems: Work Longer

[6/26/12]  Dallas Morning News:  “Nursing home stays deplete wealth

[6/25/12]  Society for Human Resource Management:  2012 Employee Benefits: The Employee Benefits Landscape in a Recovering Economy

[6/25/12]  The New York Times:  “New Rules on Public Pension Funds Seek Better Disclosure

[6/25/12]  AARP Public Policy Institute:  Older Americans’ Ambivalence Toward Annuities: Results of an AARP Survey of Pension Plan and IRA Distribution Choices

[6/25/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “Employers Need ‘Immediate’ Guidance Following PPACA Ruling

[6/25/12]  National Center for Employee Ownership:  “The Employee Ownership 100: America’s Largest Majority Employee-Owned Companies

[6/25/12]  Fox Business:  “Cost of Living Out Life’s Grand Events

[6/22/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “Actuaries Say Health Care Costs Will Remain High

[6/22/12]  Fortune:  “Health care reform: Freedom for disgruntled workers?

[6/22/12]  Kaiser Health (via Gant Daily):  “Health Law Is Mixed Bag for Employers

[6/22/12]  The Washington Post:  “Supreme Court health-care ruling likely to have long-term fallout

[6/22/12]  Center for Retirement Research at Boston College:  How Would GASB Proposals Affect State and Local Pension Reporting? [Working Paper]

[6/22/12]  Financial Finesse Reports:  Gender Gap in Financial Literacy

[6/21/12]  J.D. Power & Associates:  “Amid Uncertainty, a Large Proportion of Employers Prepare to Pursue Alternate Health Coverage Offerings for Their Employees” [Press Release]

[6/21/12]  U.S. House Committee on Education & the Workforce, Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions:  Hearing on “Assessing the Challenges Facing Multiemployer Pension Plans” [Hearing held June 20, 2012, includes links to archived webcast and to written testimonies]

[6/21/12]  Towers Watson:  Pensions in Transition: Retirement Plan Changes and Employer Motivations [2012 Report]

[6/21/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “Pension Funding Stabilization Not Long-Term Cure

[6/21/12]  Internal Revenue Service:  Amendment of Prohibited Payment Option Under Single-Employer Defined Benefit Plan of Plan Sponsor in Bankruptcy; Notice of proposed rulemaking and notice of public hearing [as published in the Federal Register on June 21, 2012]

[6/21/12]  Las Vegas Review-Journal:  “Home Economics for Retirement

[6/20/12]  AdvisorOne:  “Medicare, Taxes, Retirement Are Targets in Hearing

[6/20/12]  Center for Retirement Research at Boston College:  National Retirement Risk Index: How Much Longer Do We Need to Work?

[6/20/12]  PIMCO DC Dialogue™:  “Financial wellness in the workplace.” [“In this PIMCO DC Dialogue™, we talk with Andy Sieg [Head of Global Wealth and Retirement Solutions at Bank of America Merrill Lynch] about how retirement funding is changing in the U.S.  Andy comments that the three-legged stool has changed, and that the newer stool rests increasingly on defined contribution (DC) savings, as well as phased retirement.”]

[6/20/12]  Morningstar Investment Management:  Inaccurate Precision: The Danger of Replacement Rate Calculations [current draft: June 15, 2012]

[6/20/12]  U.S. Department of Health & Human Services:  “Number of Young Adults Gaining Insurance Due to the Affordable Care Act Now Tops 3 Million

[6/20/12]  Kaiser Family Foundation Notes on Health Insurance and Reform:  “Is a Death Spiral Inevitable If There is No Mandate?

[6/19/12]  Pew Center on the States:

[6/19/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “Most TDFs Employ a ‘Through’ Glidepath

[6/19/12]  The New York Times:  “Target-Date Funds Not Equally Safe

[6/19/12]  Bankers Life and Casualty Company Center for a Secure Retirement:  Listening to Middle-Income Americans, Series Part 1: Advice for Younger Generations

[6/19/12]  ADP Research Institute:  ADP Research Institute Benefits Study: Shifting U.S. Healthcare Landscape

[6/19/12]  U.S. News & World Report [Blog]:  “How Nursing Home Stays Ravage Finances

[6/18/12]  International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans:  Health Care Reform: 2012 Employer Actions Update - Survey Results, May 2012

[6/18/12]  Deloitte Issue Brief:  “Deloitte 2012 Survey of U.S. Health Care Consumers: The performance of the health care system and health care reform

[6/18/12]  National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems and Cobalt Community Research:  The NCPERS 2012 Fund Membership Study

[6/18/12]  Plan Sponsor:

[6/18/12]  Bank of America Merrill Lynch:  2012 Workplace Benefits Report

[6/18/12]  Federal Reserve Bulletin:  “Changes in U.S. Family Finances from 2007 to 2010: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finances

[6/8/12]  Bloomberg Businessweek:  “Stocks helped lift US household wealth in Q1

[6/8/12]  Center for Retirement Research at Boston College:  How Important Is Asset Allocation to Retirement Security?

[6/8/12]  The Los Angeles Times:  “Mutual fund industry defends 401(k) plans

[6/8/12]  UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education Research Brief:  “6.3 Million Private Sector Workers in California Lack Access to a Retirement Plan on the Job

[6/8/12]  Sibson Consulting Spotlight:  “Advantages and Disadvantages of DC to DB Rollovers

[6/8/12]  Pension Rights Center:  “Deciding Between a Lump Sum and an Annuity

[6/8/12]  AEGON Retirement Readiness Survey:  “The first-ever AEGON Retirement Readiness Survey looks at how people are preparing for a world in which we live longer than at any time in history.”

[6/8/12]  The Commonwealth Fund:  Young, Uninsured, and in Debt: Why Young Adults Lack Health Insurance and How the Affordable Care Act Is Helping: Findings from the Commonwealth Fund Health Insurance Tracking Survey of Young Adults, 2011

[6/7/12]  CPEhr:  2012 Employer Health Care Trends: Health Care Reform, Rising Insurance Costs & Three Employment Strategies to Mitigate Them

[6/7/12]  Milliman 100 Pension Funding Index:  “Milliman analysis: 2012 gains evaporate as corporate pension funded status sinks by $90 billion in May

[6/7/12]  The New York Times:

[6/7/12]  Plan Sponsor:  “One in Three Investors Says Retirement Will Be Delayed

[6/7/12]  AdvisorOne:  “Individuals’ Combined IRA Balance Higher Than Overall Average

[6/7/12]  Financial Advisor:  “How Much Do People Really Have in IRAs?

[6/6/12]  MetLife:  Retirement Income Practices Study: Perspectives of Plan Sponsors and Recordkeepers for Qualified Plans

[6/6/12]  Cogent Research:  Helping Hands: How Employers Are Guiding Employees Down the Path toward a Successful Retirement

[6/6/12]  National Association of State Retirement Administrators Issue Brief:  “Cost-of-Living Adjustments

[6/6/12]  CBS News:  “Delaying retirement? Here’s how to make it work

[6/6/12]  Virgin HealthMiles, Inc.:  2012 National Employee Wellness Month: Employer/Employee Survey -- Summary of Findings

[6/6/12]  Human Resource Executive Online:  “A ‘Good’ Strategy for Long-Term-Care Benefits

[6/5/12]  Internal Revenue Service:  Retirement News for Employers [Spring 2012]

[6/5/12]  The New York Times:  “The Curtain Opens on 401(k) Fees

[6/5/12]  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Data Collection to Support Standards Related to Essential Health Benefits; Recognition of Entities for the Accreditation of Qualified Health Plans; Proposed rule [as published in the Federal Register on June 5, 2012]

[6/5/12]  Kaiser Family Foundation:  Cost and Access Challenges: A Comparison of Experiences Between Uninsured and Privately Insured Adults Aged 55 to 64 with Seniors on Medicare

[6/4/12]  Smartmoney.com [Blog]:  “401(k)s Drop Nearly 3% in May

[6/4/12]  The New York Times:  “G.M. Plans Big Buyouts for Retirees in Pension

[6/4/12]  Investment Company Institute:  “Retirement Assets Total $17.9 Trillion in Fourth Quarter 2011

[6/4/12]  Kaiser Health News and The Washington Post:  “The New Normal in Health Insurance: High Deductibles

[6/4/12]  Insurance News Net:  “House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions Hearing

[6/4/12]  NIHCM Foundation Data Brief:  “U.S. Health Care Spending: The Big Picture

[6/1/12]  America’s Health Insurance Plans:  “Health Savings Account Enrollment Reaches 13.5 Million” [Press Release - Links to the full report and to slides are provided on this webpage.]

[6/1/12]  PricewaterhouseCoopers:  Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2013 [Note: Free registration is required at the website to download the full report.]

[6/1/12]  Kaiser Family Foundation:  Kaiser Health Tracking Poll -- May 2012

[6/1/12]  U.S. House Committee on Education & the Workforce, Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions:  Hearing on “Barriers to Lower Health Care Costs for Workers and Employers” [Hearing held May 31, 2012, includes links to archived webcast and written testimonies]

[6/1/12]  Indianapolis Star:  “Indiana lawmakers’ pensions still beat those found in the private sector

[5/31/12]  Internal Revenue Service:  Section 125 - Cafeteria Plans: Health flexible spending arrangements not subject to $2,500 limit on salary reduction contributions for plan years beginning before 2013 and comments requested on potential modification of use-or-lose rule [Notice 2012-40]

[5/31/12]  The Segal Company:  2011 Study of State Employee Health Benefits


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EBRI 2011 Fall Policy Forum: “Innovations in Employment-Based Health Benefits: Lessons Learned for Public Policy” [“gavel to gavel” webcast - Prerecorded broadcast available through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans]

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June 2012 EBRI Issue Brief“Effects of Nursing Home Stays on Household Portfolios”

June 2012 EBRI Notes“Use of Health Care Services and Access Issues by Type of Health Plan: Findings from the EBRI/MGA Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey” and “Retirement Readiness Ratings and Retirement Savings Shortfalls for Gen Xers: The Impact of Eligibility for Participation in a 401(k) Plan”


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The following items have been added to the Government Accountability Office's Web site in Portable Document (PDF) format:

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: IRS Managing Implementation Risks, but Its Approach Could Be Refined. GAO-12-690, June 13. Highlights.

Mental Health and Substance Use: Treatment Exclusions in Employers' Health Insurance Coverage. GAO-12-761R, May 31.

401(k) Plans: Increased Educational Outreach and Broader Oversight May Help Reduce Plan Fees. GAO-12-325, April 24. Highlights. Related Product: 401(k) PLANS: Survey of 401(k) Plan Sponsors on Fees (GAO-12-550SP, April 2012), an E-supplement to GAO-12-325. GAO-12-550SP, April 24.

Small Employer Health Tax Credit: Factors Contributing to Low Use and Complexity. GAO-12-549, May 14. Highlights.

Unemployed Older Workers: Many Experience Challenges Regaining Employment and Face Reduced Retirement Security. GAO-12-445, April 25. Highlights.

Defined Contribution Plans: Approaches in Other Countries Offer Beneficial Strategies in Several Areas. GAO-12-328, April 23. Highlights.

Unemployed Older Workers: Many Face Long-Term Joblessness and Reduced Retirement Security, by Charles A. Jeszeck, Director, Education, Workforce, and Income Security, before the Senate Special Committee on Aging. GAO-12-724T, May 15.


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