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What's New - June 1997

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As a research site, EBRI Online maintains old listings in the "What’s New" page, even though some of the older links may no longer function. If you reach a bad link, go back to the main site by deleting everything after ".com" or ".org" or ".net" in the address. Since we maintain www.ebri.org as a research and education resource, and not current news, we hope you will understand our policy and the use for which it is maintained.

(6/30/97) News items from the weekly publication Business Insurance are posted every Friday before the Monday issue date. The June 30, 1997, issue, the latest version, is currently posted.

(6/27/97) "Provider Sponsored Organizations: Issues to Consider," a paper by Paul Fronstin of EBRI, provides an overview of the arguments for and against the regulation of PSOs, a background description and data on PSOs, a description of recently introduced federal legislation that would help the formation of PSOs, and a presentation of the issues that should be considered during this debate.

(6/26/97) "Empowering People: The Privatization of Social Security" is the title of the testimony of José Piñera, President of the International Center for Pension Reform, Co-Chairman of the Cato Project on Social Security Privatization, before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, Subcommittee on Securities , on June 25, 1997.

(6/25/97) A June 23, 1997, report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is based on legislation that was approved this month by the House Ways and Means Committee. The legislation is scheduled for a vote by the full House this week. "The Impact on Families in Different Income Categories of the Tax and Entitlement Changes Approved by House Committees," by Wendell Primus and Kathryn Larin, contains numerous helpful links to organizations and documents mentioned in the study.

(6/24/97) The June 23, 1997, edition of the Washington Status Report, produced by the Research Staff of Hewitt Associates, provides a brief analysis of recent activity on the federal budget.

(6/23/97) News items from the June 23, 1997, issue of Business Insurance are available.

(6/16/97) Ernst & Young's annual technology survey has a lot to say about how banks and asset managers are going after the colossal market in U.S. household assets. For the press release on the survey, visit Ernst & Young’s Press Room.

(6/13/97) The working groups of the Advisory Council on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans are holding public meetings on June 12 and 13. The 5/27/97 PWBA press release gives the details.

(6/13/97) The following item was added to the "Recently Issued Reports" page on GAO's World Wide Web site: Medicare Managed Care: HMO Rates, Other Factors Create Uneven Availability of Benefits, dated May 19, 1997.

If the title link above no longer works, click here for the GAO Index of Reports and Testimony, FY97, and search for the report by entering words or phrases from the title.

(6/12/97) The lead story on Pensions & Investments News Online for the week of June 9, 1997, concerns the choice of David M. Strauss, deputy chief of staff to Vice President Al Gore for the top job at the PBGC.

(6/11/97) The June 9, 1997, edition of the Washington Status Report from the research staff of Hewitt Associates includes items on the federal budget and on retirement plan service providers.

(6/10/97) The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in two cases with ERISA preemption implications: De Buono, New York Commissioner of Health, et al. v. NYSA-ILA Medical and Clinical Services Fund, by its trustees, Bowers, et al. and Boggs v. Boggs et al.

(6/10/97) Information about the House Ways and Means Committee chairman's mark of the tax reconciliation bill can be found at the home page of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. At this site you will find a press release from Rep. Bill Archer, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, and full legislative text. Also included is a revenue table and descriptions of the revenue reconciliation, tax simplification and technical correction provisions of the bill.

(6/9/97) The Lewin Group has produced a report titled: "Managed Care Savings for Employers and Households: 1990-2000." The report was commissioned by the American Association of Health Plans and released June 4, 1997.

(6/6/97) Worker displacement is not as extensive as news headlines may imply, according to a new EBRI Issue Brief, "Worker Displacement, 1993-1995: Demographics and Implications." Based on the 1996 Current Population Survey, this report examines which workers were displaced during the period 19931995 and provides data on their receipt of unemployment insurance, length of unemployment, reemployment, wage changes, and pension and health insurance status.

(6/6/97) Structural work force changes add to the decline in employment-based health insurance coverage, EBRI finds. The new report "Employment-Based Health Insurance and the Changing Work Force," indicates that since 1987, the percentage of the nonelderly population (ages 1864) with employment-based health insurance has declined partly due to the shift of jobs from the manufacturing to the personal services sector.

(6/6/97) Social Security Privatization: One Proposal, by David Altig and Jagadeesh Gokhale of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, has been published as a Cato Project on Social Security Privatization paper.

(6/4/97) The Health Care Financing Administration has set up a Web page covering the regulatory aspects of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The page is regularly updated.

(6/4/97) Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman and Small Business Administrator Aida Alvarez recently unveiled Five-step Retirement Solutions for Small Business and three brochures: SIMPLE - (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers); SEP - (Simplified Employee Pensions); and Simple Retirement Solutions for Small Business. For further information, please see the Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration's What's New Web page.

(6/3/97) The Cato Institute has established a Web site devoted to Social Security Privatization.

(6/2/97) News items from the June 2, 1997, issue of Business Insurance are available.

(6/2/97) The May 27, 1997, edition of the Washington Status Report from the research staff of Hewitt Associates includes items on the federal budget and Pennsylvania state taxation of section 125 plans.

(6/2/97) Plan Sponsor magazine provides an expanded version of its Directory of Financial Planning Software originally published in the April 1997 issue.

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