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What's New - October 1997

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(10/31/97) The IRS released News Release IR-97-41, IRS Announces 1998 Pension Plan Limitations, on October 22, 1997.

(10/31/97) Access the Investment Company Institute report, "Retirement Plan Holdings of Mutual Funds, 1996," on ICI's Web site.

(10/30/97) "Generation $ is More Like it: Twentysomethings Aren't Slacking on Personal Savings," an article in the November 3, 1997, issue of Business Week, provides coverage on EBRI's 1997 Retirement Confidence Survey.

(10/29/97) The October 27, 1997, issue of the Washington Status Report from the research staff of Hewitt Associates updates the following issues: 1998 Indexed Figures for Employee Benefit Plans, IRS Restructuring, Education IRAs, and the PBGC Premium Audit Program.

(10/28/97) Go to EBRI's Testimony and Presentations page for the testimony of Dallas L. Salisbury before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Social Security hearing on "The Future of Social Security for This Generation and the Next," October 23, 1997.

(10/27/97) The Institute of Management and Administration publishes Managing 401(k) Plans. A recent article is titled, "How to Make Your 401(k) Enrollment & Education Meetings More Effective."

(10/27/97) Try the Vanguard IRA Worksheet, an electronic tool that will help you to weigh your IRA options in light of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

(10/24/97) "America's Top HMOs" is a state-by-state ranking of 223 managed care plans by U.S. News & World Report online.

(10/23/97) The October 20, 1997, issue of the Washington Status Report from the research staff of Hewitt Associates updates the following issues: 1998 Indexed Figures for Employee Benefit Plans, 1998 Social Security Figures, 1998 Medicare Figures, 401(k) Plan Fees, and the PBGC Premium Audit Program.

(10/22/97) Click here for the PWBA Federal Register Notice of a Public Hearing on 401(k) Plan Fees; click here for the PWBA press release.

(10/22/97) The Retirement Gap: Why Women Need More Money Than Men, by Kerry Hannon, associate editor at U.S. News & World Report, looks at the reasons women need to save more for retirement.

(10/21/97) Click here for information on the merger of Ernst & Young and KPMG Peat Marwick.

(10/21/97) Click here for the latest News Online compiled weekly by the staff of Pensions & Investments.

(10/20/97) EBRIs own Paul Fronstin is quoted on CNNfn's "Your Money" and may be seen in a taped interview on CNN tonight.

(10/20/97) Social Security Commissioner Kenneth S. Apfel announced October 16 that Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will increase 2.1 percent. The increase will begin with benefits that Social Security beneficiaries receive for December 1997, which will be paid in January 1998. Increased payments to SSI recipients will begin on December 31. The automatic cost-of-living adjustment is made annually.

(10/20/97) HCFA has posted 1998 Medicare + Choice (AAPCC) payment rates information.

(10/20/97) AT&T is promoting "Telecommute America Week," October 20 – 24, 1997." Telecommute America! is the first nationwide public awareness, information and education program focusing on the benefits of telecommuting and nontraditional work environments including virtual office, work-at-home, satellite offices, and more! Through participation in the program, employers and individuals can learn about and experience the benefits of telework."

(10/17/97) Workforce Online Special Feature: Relocation Resources on the Web.

(10/16/97) The 1997 Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) was released October 16 at a press briefing held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The RCS focuses on American workers' retirement planning and saving behavior. It also examines their confidence regarding various aspects of retirement and their views on key policy issues such as Social Security and Medicare reform. In addition, it explores current retirees' attitudes and experiences, providing further context for current workers' actions and attitudes. This is the seventh annual RCS. The primary lesson from the 1997 RCS for policymakers, retirement plan sponsors, and plan service providers is that workers need to be motivated beyond current levels to plan financially for their retirement. While almost 70 percent of working Americans have begun to save for retirement, at least three-quarters of them do not have a good idea of how much they need to save.

(10/10/97) EBRI has just released its latest publications. The October Issue Brief, "Defined Contribution Plan Dominance Grows Across Sectors and Employer Sizes, While Mega Defined Benefit Plans Remain Strong: Where We Are and Where We Are Going," discusses employment-based defined benefit and defined contribution plans, the number and percentage of individuals participating in these types of plans, and what the trends will be in the future. October Notes features "44.5 Million Americans Uninsured in 1996: An Analysis of the 1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey," which compares the uninsured numbers in the MEP Survey with those in the Current Population Survey (CPS).

(10/9/97) The E-Mail Trends in Labor and Employment October 14, 1997, issue discusses the "Claim That U.S. Hourly Workers Lag Behind Workers in Other Developed Countries Doesn't Stand Up."

(10/8/97) The October 3, 1997, issue of Employee Ownership Update, an online digest of employee ownership news by Corey Rosen, features "The Road Ahead for S Corporation ESOPS."

(10/7/97) The National Committee for Quality Assurance has posted the first annual "State Of Managed Care Quality Report" on their Web site. NCQA has also issued "Quality Compass 1997."

(10/6/97) Late-breaking news items from the weekly publication Business Insurance are posted every Friday before the Monday issue date.

(10/3/97) The following item has been added to the "Recently Issued Reports" page on GAO's World Wide Web site in Portable Document (PDF) format:
401(k) Pension Plans: Loan Provisions Enhance Participation but May Affect Income Security for Some.
HEHS-98-5. October 1, 1997.

If the title link above no longer works, click here for the GAO Index of Reports and Testimony, FY98, and search for the report by entering words or phrases from the title.

(10/2/97) Read News Online for the week of September 29, 1997, compiled weekly by the staff of Pensions & Investments.

(10/2/97) The September 29, 1997, issue of the Washington Status Report from the research staff of Hewitt Associates provides information on technical corrections to 1997 budget legislation and COBRA health care continuation.

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