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  • 401(k) Employee Contributions Above $2,400, A Possible Rothification Threshold

    As some tax reform proposals reportedly might modify the tax treatment of some 401(k) employee contributions to require them to be treated as so-called Roth contributions, EBRI has summarized its most recent information about the distribution of 401(k) employee contributions around a $2,400 threshold, broken out by salary and by age. We describe which 2015 401(k) contributors would be affected by a $2,400 Rothification proposal and what portion of their contributions would be above $2,400 (and thus subject to mandatory Rothification). We also provide background on a major EBRI study that assesses the projected impact of certain tax reform proposals on employee and employer behaviors and on retirement income adequacy using EBRI’s Retirement Security Projection Model®. (Oct. 23, 2017)

  • EBRI Notes – September 2017

    Employee Tenure Trends, 1983–2016

    The typical American worker stayed at their job just over five years last year, down slightly from the record high since 1983 set in 2014, according to new research by EBRI. Press release.