The Triple Tax Advantage of HSAs

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  • EBRI Issue Brief – August 2016

    The Impact of an HSA-Eligible Health Plan on Health Care Services Use and Spending by Worker Income

    Low-income workers who switch to high-deductible health savings accounts (HSAs) plans are more likely than their higher-paid colleagues to avoid certain types of health care, according to new research by EBRI. Press release.

  • EBRI Notes – August 2016

    Reducing Retirement Savings Leakage

    A recurring issue with defined contribution (DC) savings plans such as the 401(k) is the risk of “leakage”--preretirement reductions in plan savings by workers, either through loans, hardship withdrawals, or payouts at job change. EBRI’s spring policy forum, attended by about a hundred benefits experts, highlighted new work on leakage as part of its session on “Retirement Challenges and Reforms.” Press release.