EBRI Events and Publications

EBRI Events

At our events and meetings, you'll learn about our latest research and can weigh in on our research priorities and activities.

  • Policy Forums: Held in Washington, D.C., our forums bring together a cross-section of EBRI members, policymakers, plan sponsors, benefit experts, and representatives from academia, interest groups, and labor to examine current research and policy issues.
  • Research & Policy meetings: Hosted by EBRI members in locations around the U.S., EBRI and other experts network with peers and examine current research and policy issues.
  • Board of Trustees meetings: Held in Washington, D.C., each May and December, EBRI trustees meet to provide input on EBRI’s research agenda and business priorities. Key policymakers and experts join to discuss current policy issues. (Trustees only, with invited guests)

Exclusive to Sustaining (Trustee) Research Comittee:

Sustaining (Trustees) can nominate individuals from their organization to join EBRI's Research Committee, headed by our Research Chair and Vice Chairs of Retirement, Health Care, Financial Wellbeing, Agenda Planning, and Public Policy.

Attend EBRI's:

Semi-Annual Research Committee Meetings: These half-day meetings are held in Washington, D.C. Members discuss EBRI's research agenda, contribute research ideas, provide input into ongoing research, and help prioritize EBRI research.

In-Progress Webinars: These quarterly webinars allow Research Committee members to learn about EBRI research as it is in flight and provide input as the research takes shape.

Research Agenda Working Team Calls: These quarterly calls provide Research Committee members the opportunity to give feedback on the research agenda as EBRI prioritizes its research.

Public Policy Advisory Council: This council conducts ad hoc calls to provide input to EBRI on policy-level directives and related research opportunities.

Members-Only Events

We host a number of in-person meetings, web briefings, and conference calls each year.

Be Our Guest

Let’s talk about your organization’s priorities and joining EBRI as guest member so you can see what we’re all about. For additional information, contact EBRI's Member Relations Specialist at memberships@ebri.org.

Members-Only Access

Members also stay informed through EBRI publications (available via the EBRI website), email, and social media channels.

Sustaining (Trustee) and Primary members have pre-publication access to certain premium EBRI publications and have access to the full EBRI archive on the EBRI website.