What We Are

EBRI — a nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization — was created in 1978 for the purpose of contributing to sound employee benefit programs and public policy through independent, objective, fact-based research and education.

What We Are Not

Focusing solely on data and research, EBRI is not an advocacy, lobbying, or consulting group.

Retirement, health, and financial wellbeing benefits serve key functions.

These programs support the security and well-being of U.S. workers, retirees, and their families; play key roles in many employers’ compensation and talent strategies; and represent significant portions of the U.S. economy.

Our mission is to produce and communicate independent, objective, nonpartisan data, research, and other information about employee benefits.

We serve the public, employers, service providers, workers and their families, and policymakers.

As the U.S. employee benefit system has evolved, so too has EBRI.

We continue to research existing programs, designs, and practices while also focusing on emerging trends and policies. Accelerating changes and uncertainties in the benefit system make our work more relevant than ever.

We produce timely and relevant research and analysis.

Our work supports employers, policymakers, service providers, and others in developing innovative solutions and making policy and design decisions.

EBRI Members

Our more than 100 members are from a wide range of leading companies, including plan sponsors, providers, consultants, asset managers, unions, doctor/hospital groups, and insurers.

Contact Us

To learn more about EBRI's membership and partnership options, contact us: info@ebri.org.