Financial Wellbeing Research Center

Our Mission

In light of the challenging labor market, understanding the impact of employee wellbeing programs has never been more critical. However, there is little empirical research demonstrating the long-term value of financial wellbeing programs — in large part because of lack of data. EBRI’s Financial Wellbeing Research Center partners, together with EBRI researchers, are dedicated to conducting qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate the efficacy of employer financial wellbeing programs. This includes surveys, convening at EBRI’s Financial Wellbeing Symposiums, webinars, and more.

“Without EBRI’s FWRC we would not be able to influence the growth and expansion of the financial wellness industry as a critical employee benefit. Much of the progress in the industry has been fostered by EBRI’s research and reputational value.” Greg Ward, Financial Finesse
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