About EBRI Survey Partnerships

Survey Partners work with EBRI and Greenwald & Associates to design EBRI surveys, assess preliminary findngs, analysis, and implications, and participate in survey communication activities.

For more information, contact EBRI's Member Relations Specialist at memberships@ebri.org.

Why become a Partner?

  • Obtain full survey results — available only to Partners!
  • Provide input into the 2019 study and get your important survey questions answered.
  • Use in marketing, presentations, and public relations.
  • Get specialized breakouts of key target markets.
  • Enjoy the marquee value of being featured in survey reports, webinars, articles, and events.

Retirement Confidence Survey

The longest-running survey of its kind, the Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) assesses how American workers and retirees save, plan, and achieve financial security for retirement.

Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey

This survey tracks a broad spectrum of health care and voluntary benefits issues, including satisfaction with health care, confidence in today's health care system, choice and value of a wide range of employee benefits, and utilization of financial wellness programs.

Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey

This survey provides reliable national data on the growth of high-deductible plans and their impact on behavior and attitudes of health care consumers across generations.

Work With Us

Survey Partners work closely with EBRI, Greenwald & Associates, and other Partners on survey design, sampling, questions, analysis, findings, and output.

Public Recognition

Trustee and Primary members are eligible to join one or more survey partnerships and will be publicly recognized as an EBRI Survey Partner.   


In 2019, we’ll refresh our three longstanding surveys:

  • Retirement Confidence Survey.
  • Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey.
  • Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey.