About EBRI Research Center Partnerships

Our Research Centers serve as a "think tank" for in-depth work on analyzing the current benefit system and how proposed changes might affect retirement security, health outcomes, and financial wellbeing. 

For more information, contact EBRI's Member Relations Specialist at memberships@ebri.org.

Retirement Security Research Center

This Center focuses on the current and future retirement security of Americans, based on Center member interest:

  • Retirement income, resources, and spending as well as findings from the EBRI IRA Database and the integrated EBRI DC/IRA Database. 
  • Policy proposal evaluations from the EBRI Retirement Security Projection Model.®

Center for Research on Health Benefits Innovation

This Center focuses on consumer engagement, high-deductible health plans, and related topics, based on Center member interest, such as:

  • Policy proposals.
  • Value-based delivery and payment approaches.
  • Telemedicine.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Health savings accounts (HSAs), leveraging EBRI's unique HSA Database.

Financial Wellbeing Research Center

This Center focuses on how retirement, health, and other employee benefit programs contribute to financial wellbeing and broader work force effectiveness goals — such as productivity or engagement — by examining topics like:

  • Return on investment to employers of financial wellness initiatives.
  • Measuring the success of financial wellness: what is moving the dial on employee financial security?
  • Building the business case for offering financial wellness programs.
  • Analyzing empirical financial wellbeing data.

Take a Deep Dive Into Research

In our Research Centers, we do much of our most in-depth work on the current benefit system and how changes might affect retirement security, health outcomes, and financial wellbeing.

Join a Center or Initiative

Trustee and Primary members are eligible to join Research Centers; each Center includes several new or specialized Initiatives that members can join without becoming full Research Center Partners.