Features and Benefits of Research Center and Survey Partnerships

EBRI Research Center and Survey Partners...

  • Engage with EBRI experts and other Partners to participate in all stages of a Research Center/Survey Partnership (including with Greenwald Research on survey samples, questions, analysis, and output).
  • Enjoy exclusive access to each project’s preliminary research analyses and working discussions on hypotheses/observations.
  • Access formal EBRI publications (based on Research Center/Survey research) at the earliest possible, pre-publication stage.
  • Participate with EBRI and other Partners on joint articles, presentations, and events.
  • Extend their own research capabilities.
  • Coordinate with EBRI to request research runs and discuss related questions of interest to their organization.

For more information, contact EBRI's Member Relations Specialist at memberships@ebri.org.

"The ability to access the research that's been done, with more of the scientific method, that really gets behind the issues as they relate to the programs they have access to instead of trying to do it myself."
"The quality of work is the best in the country and seems to have substantial influence on legislation."