Membership and Partnership Overview

Our members support and drive our independent, fact-based research mission. Each member can tailor its engagement with EBRI to align with its own priorities.

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  • Sustaining (Trustee): With a seat on EBRI's Board, your organization will help set our priorities; interact with EBRI leaders, researchers and other Trustees; participate in EBRI's Research Committee; and enjoy access to premium EBRI publications.
  • Primary: Support EBRI's mission at the most affordable level, receive invitations to EBRI events, and have access to premium EBRI publications, with early access to other EBRI research.

...and/or consider an EBRI partnership

  • Mission Partnerships: Co-brand research papers with our three-year Mission Partnerships. Leverage EBRI's analytics, based on our extensive databases, as well as our research expertise.
"Because EBRI membership allows our research experts to engage in EBRI projects with EBRI experts, we're able to reduce our own research staff by 2–3 people, which easily pays for the membership."

"Your work is invaluable to me. It is of the highest standard presented in a format that allows me to always make time for it."