EBRI-ERF Policy Forums and Publications, 1979-2003


05/08/03 "Will Wider Use Of Evidence-Based Medicine Significantly Enhance Health Care Quality And Affordability? Implications for Consumer-Driven Health Benefits

12/05/02 "Will Today's Worker Retire With Adequate Income? And, How Are Today's Retirees Surviving From A Financial Perspective?"

05/02/02 "Consumer-Driven Health Benefits: A Continuing Evolution?"

12/06/01 "The Ongoing Move to Defined Contribution and Individual Account Plans: Issues and Implications"

05/03/01 "Defined Contribution Health Benefits: The Next Evolution?"

12/07/00 - Member Conclave

05/03/00 "The Economic Costs of the Uninsured: Implications for Business and Government"

12/01/99 "The Next 25 Years of ERISA: The Future of Private Retirement Plans"

05/05/99 "Severing the Link Between Health Insurance and Employment: What Happens if Employers Stop Offering Health Benefits?"

12/02/98 "Beyond Ideology: Are Individual Social Security Accounts Feasible?"

05/06/98 "The Future of Medical Benefits"

12/03/97 "Do Employers/Employees Still Need Employee Benefits?"

04/30/97 "Retirement Prospects in a Defined Contribution World"

12/04/96 "Assessing Social Security Reform Alternatives"

04/30/96 "Comprehensive Tax Reform: Implications for Economic Security and Employee Benefits"

12/07/95 "Changing World of Work and Employee Benefits"

05/11/95 "When Workers Call the Shots: Can They Achieve Retirement Security?"

10/24/94 "The Future of Employment-Based Health Benefits"

05/04/94 "Retirement in the 21st Century: Ready or Not"

10/06/93 "The Changing Health Care Delivery System"

05/05/93 "Pension Funding and Taxation: Implications for Tomorrow"

12/01/92 "Rationing: Making Choices and Allocating Resources in the Health Care Delivery System; Implications for Access, Quality, and Costs."

04/29/92 "Paternalism vs. Empowerment: What Benefits Should/Will Employers Provide?

09/25/91 "Retirement Security in a Post-FASB Environment"

05/02/91 "Pension Portability and Preservation: Assuring Adequate Retirement Income into the 21st Century"

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10/04/90 "Winners and Losers in Reforming the U.S. Health Care System"

05/03/90 "Assessing the Implications of Proposals for Pension Fund Taxation"

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09/28/89 "Managing Health Care Costs While Maintaining Quality"

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07/26/89 "The Impact of Aging and Cultural Changes on Pensions in Japan and Its Relationship to the USA"

04/05/89 "The Retirement Policy Challenge"

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10/05/88 "Employer-Provided Retiree Health Benefits: Provision, Funding, Legal, and Public Policy Issues"

05/04/88 "Whither Benefits? Adjusting Today's Benefit Packages for Changes in Tax Law, Economic Competitiveness, and Demographic and Labor Force Shifts"

10/21/87 "Financing Catastrophic & Long-Term Health Care: Beyond Recent Medicare Reforms"

04/27/87 "Government Mandating of Health, Pension, and Other Employee Benefits"

10/15/86 "America in Transition: Benefits for the Future"

06/03/86 The Changing Health Care Market

10/24/85 "Tax Reform and Employee Benefits"

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06/06/85 "The Impact of Medicare Reforms on the Private Sector"

02/08/85 "Is a National Employee Benefits Policy Possible?"

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1984 - In 1984, EBRI staff and sponsors assisted the U.S. Senate, Committee on Governmental Affairs, in conducting a series of five policy forums designed to aid in the process of designing a new civil service retirement system for new hires. These were published by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

10/19/83 "Reforming Health Care Finance"

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06/08/83 "The Tax Treatment of Employee Benefits: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

10/20/82 "Accounting for Employer Pension Liabilities: Policy Issues, Options and Effects"

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05/20/82 "Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution Plans: Understanding the Differences"

11/10/81 "The Effects of Changing Family Relationships on Employee Benefit Programs"

05/06/81 "Retirement Income and the Economy: Policy Directions for the 80s"

12/10/80 "Retirement Income and the Economy: Increasing Income for the Aged?"

06/23/80 "Retirement Income Policy: Considerations "

12/06/79 "Should Pension Assets Be Managed for Social/Political Purposes?"

06/25/79 "Pension Plan Termination Insurance: Does the Foreign Experience Have Relevance for the United States?"