EBRI Publications

The objective of the EBRI and EBRI-ERF publications program is the achievement of the widest possible distribution of research findings in order to realize the organization's educational mission. EBRI members can automatically download all EBRI periodicals, Special Reports, books, and other studies in PDF. The following publications are available as part of EBRI membership or EBRI Subscriptions.

EBRI Publication Subscriptions

EBRI Issue Briefs are monthly periodicals providing expert evaluations of a single employee benefit issue or trend each month, including critical analyses of employee benefit policies and proposals. Each issue, ranging in length from 16 to 28 pages, thoroughly explores one topic.

EBRI Notes is a monthly periodical providing topical information on a variety of employee benefit topics. Each issue includes two shorter feature articles on important health and retirement benefit topics, based on current research taking place at EBRI.

Frequently Asked Questions

EBRIef: is a weekly roundup of EBRI research and insights, as well as updates on surveys, studies, litigation, legislation and regulation impacting employee benefit plans. To subscribe to EBRIef, click here.

EBRI Blog: is a series of periodic postings that supplement our regular publications, and offer comment on questions that we get from news reporters, policymakers, and others.

EBRI Books cover the entire range of employee benefit programs in the public and private sectors and provide timely analysis of related public policy issues and trends.

EBRI Special Reports are in depth analyses based on new information sources and new analytic approaches.

EBRI Testimony is a collection of the recent written copies of testimony submitted by EBRI staff at various congressional hearings. EBRI is often called on to testify at hearings.

EBRI Databook on Employee Benefits is a statistical reference volume on private and public employee benefit programs and work force related issues.