Past Webinars: EBRIefings

Health Savings Accounts: Save It or Spend It?

(Password: q$ZimK3E)

with Paul Fronstin, Eric Record, Jennifer Benz, and Lori Lucas

Spending Patterns of Older Households and Their Financial Planning Implications

(Password: C&5aljNX)

with Zahra Ebrahimi, Sharon Carson, and Lori Lucas

Under the Dome – A Closer Look at Legislative Proposals Impacting Retirement

(Password: s$MD4CZL)

with Jack VanDerhei, Bob Holcomb, and Lori Lucas

How Employers Are Helping Workers Tackle Student Loan Debt

(Password: Gs2k@7#a)

with Lori Lucas, Mary Moreland, and Josh Cohen

The Facts Behind Slow Growth in Enrollment in HSA-Eligible Health Plans

(Password: d#9DRq3c)

with Paul Fronstin, Roy Ramthun, and Lori Lucas

Consumer Engagement in Health Care

(Password: CMaqM2&9)

with Paul Fronstin, Jon Anderson, Richard White, and Lori Lucas

Trends in Employee Tenure

(Password: #suhLpF0)

with Craig Copeland, Spencer Williams, and Stacy Schaus

How Much Would It Take? Achieving Retirement Income Equivalency Between Final-Average-Pay Defined Benefit Plan Accruals and Automatic Enrollment 401(k) Plans in the Private Sector

(Password: JB1yGJp#)

with Jack VanDerhei and Stewart D. Lawrence

Understanding the Revenue Implication of the Cadillac Tax

(Password: a5lx$2S$)

with Michael Chernew, Heather Meade, Paul Fronstin, and Lori Lucas

Special Considerations Women Face in Retirement Security

with Jack VanDerhei,Anna Rappaport, and Lori Lucas

Unlocking the Employer Value of Financial Wellbeing Programs

(Password: @r9YwGR$)

with Lori Lucas, Mary Nell Billings, and Jeff Tulloch

Health Care in Retirement: Trends and Implications for Retirees

(Password: imv6X@oi)

with Edward A. Kaplan, Paul Fronstin, and Lori Lucas

Retirement Income — Insights From the 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey

(Password: Dl4$ga5s)

with Craig Copeland, Matt Greenwald, and Toni Griffin

Work in Retirement: Expectations vs. Reality EBRIefing —
Insights From the 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey

(Password: $85BuQMs)

with Aliya Wong, Craig Copeland, and Lisa Greenwald

 Student Loan Debt - How Much is There and How Can Employers Address it?

with Craig Copeland, Neil Lloyd, Alex Smith, and Stacy Schaus

Consumer Engagement in Health Care Among Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Generation X

with Paul Fronstin and Victoria Pavlov

EBRI Retirement Security Projection Model® (RSPM)—Analyzing Policy and Design Proposals

 with Jack Vanderhei

Self-Insured Health Plan Trends: A Closer Look at the Small-Employer Market

 with Paul Fronstin, Kris Haltmeyer, and Christopher E. Condeluci

Spending in Retirement and Financial Shocks Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence

 with Sudipto Banerjee and Anna Rappaport