Past Webinars: EBRIefings

Spending Patterns of Retirees

(Password: @Eo3Uch@)

with Zahra Ebrahimi, Anna Rappaport, and Josh Cohen

How Much Emergency Savings Do Families Have, the Importance of Having It, and What Role Employers Could Play in Encouraging It?

(Password: plX10f&M)

with Craig Copeland, Genevieve Melford, Catherine Harvey, and Jeff Tulloch

The Impact of Auto Portability on Preserving Retirement Savings
 Currently Lost to 401(k) Cashout Leakage

(Password: TPmm@62N)

with Jack VanDerhei, Michael Kreps, and Stacy Schaus

Retirement Confidence Survey: Generating Retirement Income and Special Considerations of Generation X

(Password: vT#x2T6y)

with Craig Copeland, Glenn Dial, and Neil Lloyd

Health Savings Accounts: Save It or Spend It?

(Password: q$ZimK3E)

with Paul Fronstin, Eric Record, Jennifer Benz, and Lori Lucas

Spending Patterns of Older Households and Their Financial Planning Implications

(Password: C&5aljNX)

with Zahra Ebrahimi, Sharon Carson, and Lori Lucas

Under the Dome – A Closer Look at Legislative Proposals Impacting Retirement

(Password: s$MD4CZL)

with Jack VanDerhei, Bob Holcomb, and Lori Lucas

How Employers Are Helping Workers Tackle Student Loan Debt

(Password: Gs2k@7#a)

with Lori Lucas, Mary Moreland, and Josh Cohen

The Facts Behind Slow Growth in Enrollment in HSA-Eligible Health Plans

(Password: d#9DRq3c)

with Paul Fronstin, Roy Ramthun, and Lori Lucas

Consumer Engagement in Health Care

(Password: CMaqM2&9)

with Paul Fronstin, Jon Anderson, Richard White, and Lori Lucas

Trends in Employee Tenure

(Password: #suhLpF0)

with Craig Copeland, Spencer Williams, and Stacy Schaus

How Much Would It Take? Achieving Retirement Income Equivalency Between Final-Average-Pay Defined Benefit Plan Accruals and Automatic Enrollment 401(k) Plans in the Private Sector

(Password: JB1yGJp#)

with Jack VanDerhei and Stewart D. Lawrence

Understanding the Revenue Implication of the Cadillac Tax

(Password: a5lx$2S$)

with Michael Chernew, Heather Meade, Paul Fronstin, and Lori Lucas

Special Considerations Women Face in Retirement Security

with Jack VanDerhei,Anna Rappaport, and Lori Lucas